Catastrophic Accident in Italy! Train Collides with Truck

A train and truck collide in Turin, northern Italy. As a result of the collision, three wagons derailed. The truck driver escaped from the scene injured.

The Italian news agency ANSA announced that one of the victims of the catastrophic accident was a mechanic. A seriously injured passenger died while being transported to the hospital by helicopter.

18 was taken to wounded hospitals as a result of a midnight collision, and the rescuers once again checked whether the passengers were trapped in the daylight.

ANSA reports that the injured truck driver fled the scene and the vehicle was carrying the Lithuanian license plate.

Speaking to the local press, one of the passengers on the train, Paolo Malgioglio said that he was stuck at the door and saw passengers screaming at the scene. A woman also told 23-year-old Malgioglio that she did not feel her leg.



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