Volksvagen Mobilization in Balıkesir

mobilization of balikesirde volksvagen
mobilization of balikesirde volksvagen

followed by the automotive giant's investment decisions Volksvagen moved to Turkey Balikesir business. 2 billion euro investment Acting Balıkesirli business representatives in order to bring in Balikesir, Turkey's largest investment in the Istanbul Izmir Balıkesir, a key city would be the highway, easy access from Balıkesir to the largest economy in the city tempting them to invest they have made.

Balikesir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Rahmi Kula, Chamber President Hasan Ali Eğinlioğlu and Trade President Faruk Kula, Turkey is a major advantage over Bulgaria in making this investment, they declared to be brought motorway this large investment. Oda The factory will invest 2 billion euros in Balıkesir, Ortak they said.

In a statement issued with the joint signature of the Chamber Presidents, the following were summarized. “According to some recent media reports, the German automotive giant Volkswagen Group (VW) will build a new factory in Eastern Europe, as it will produce electric vehicles in its German factories due to the emission limitation in Europe at the beginning of this year. petrol-diesel) versions in this factory.

German American group had reached an agreement with Ford on this as well as in the production of light commercial vehicles in the Ford Otosan plant in Turkey. The number of candidate countries for the new factory that VW will build in Eastern Europe to produce automobiles has started with 4-5 and decreased to two in time. We're just in the moment selection table for Turkey and Bulgaria. Volkswagen officials come and go in this direction between Bulgaria and Turkey, negotiating with officials and visits potential farmland.

According to data by Turkey's Bulgaria in making this investment shows that the biggest advantage. In the case of the establishment of the factory in question, the amount of the investment will reach 300 thousand units, 2 billion euros.

At this point, we, as Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry and Commodity Exchange, think that this big investment should be brought to Balıkesir.

Balıkesir take place in the Marmara Region is the highest of the economic activity in Turkey, Istanbul, Bursa and presence in the middle of cities like Izmir, Istanbul, Izmir Motorway with henna-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Balıkesir province in our merger of the highway, the presence of suitable large land investments from all sectors In addition, easy access to industrial ports, fast access to industrial centers, being at the heart of BALO (Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations) project, easy access to national and international markets thanks to its proximity to Gökköy Logistics Center and Bandırma, Aliağa and İzmir Ports. and with its dynamic population, labor potential that meets the needs of intermediate and technical personnel, and with the rapidly developing industrial structure, we think that Balıkesir is the most suitable place for the establishment of a new automobile factory.

Balikesir need a booming economy, as well as the economy in an integrated way with evolving business and social life not only Marmara, Turkey is the shining star.

This investment is an opportunity for us to turn Balıkesir's potential into a great economic power. In order to ensure that such a great investment to be made in the automotive sector after many years to be established in Balıkesir, we must work together with our strength as both politics, business and non-governmental organizations.

In addition to the existing economic infrastructure of our city, we believe that we will meet the industrial infrastructure in need of this big investment with the sub-industry facilities to be established and we will make a great contribution to the national economy with this big investment and we want the automobile factory to be established in Balıkesir. ”

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