KARDEMİR Reaches Full Capacity at its Third Converter

Kardemir reached full capacity in its third converter
Kardemir reached full capacity in its third converter

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) AŞ., 2014 in the last quarter of the 3 commissioned. 102 tons of hot metals and 30 tons of scrap were fed to the converter for the first time.

In the statement made by KARDEMİR; 2014, which is located in our steel shop and commissioned in the last quarter of 3. Today, our converter feeds 102 tons of hot metals and 30 tons of scrap and receives 120 tons of castings for the first time and this converter has reached full capacity. Our company, which recently stopped one of the two 90 ton converters in our steel mill to increase 120 tons capacity, is 3, which is in production. With the successful 120 ton test production of our converter, it will continue mass production in this converter.

Congratulations to our employees for the first time 120 ton casting. Hüseyin Soykan “We are a factory that develops and develops, develops and develops, grows and grows with its investments. While increasing and modernizing the capacity of our facilities on the one hand, we also increase our productivity in our existing facilities. ”

4, which has recently started to be carried out and the ongoing repair work. Soykan said that with the continuous casting machine, 2 Million 900 Thousand tons of liquid steel production infrastructure will be achieved at the end of the year.

Kard As it is known, Kardemir has pioneered the development of our country with the title of Fabrika Factory Establishing Factories “. This mission continues unceasingly over the past 82 years. We continue to grow with new factories and contribute more to the development of our region and our country. We have a total 90 converter with two 120 tonnes and one 3 ton capacity in our melt shop. We recently stopped one of the converters with 90 ton casting capacity to 120 ton and put it into service. In this period, we were very happy to reach full capacity in our 120 ton converter. I congratulate all my colleagues. When the simultaneous launches are completed and commissioned in 124 daily as planned, our 2 converter will reach 120 ton casting capacity. Thus, in the liquid steel part, 2 Million 900 We will have a thousand-ton infrastructure. With this production, we will increase the possibility of giving more billets to the market and increasing the amount of finished products with high added value ”

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