Occupational Safety Week Activities in KARDEMİR

Business Security Week activities in Kardemir
Business Security Week activities in Kardemir

Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR), which continues to grow with its increasing capacities and becomes more beautiful with its environmental investments, continues to raise awareness with its activities for its employees. KARDEMİR, which hosts different events every year during May 4-10 Occupational Health and Safety Week, celebrates a full OHS week this year.

On the first day of Ramadan, the OHS Week celebrations in KARDEMİR, which started with sacrificial cuts and prayers in different parts of the production processes, continued with the events held at the Education Cultural Center within the company.

KARDEMİR Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç and Director General Dr. Hüseyin Soykan and other company officials and employees participated.

Reading the Independence Anthem and the celebration activities that started with Quran Recitation, continued with Kardemir historical film screening. Speaking about the meaning and importance of the day for the speech from the Director General Dr. Hüseyin Soykan gave important messages to his employees on occupational health and safety. General Manager Soykan pointed out that the main purpose in Occupational Health and Safety is to determine the dangerous situations that may harm the health of the employees and that may pose a risk to them, to take the necessary measures and to provide a safe working environment, and to manage this responsibility only to the senior management, the manager, the engineer or not a responsibility of the form, said that a responsibility to all employees.

2000 Thousand tons of steel producing in the beginning of 600'ın Kardemir today 2,5 Million tons of production has reached the target and 3,5 Million tons of our company says that the General Manager. Hüseyin Soykan said: kara This means that more and more raw materials come to Kardemir, much more manipulations, and much more trains and roads. This requires us to be more careful about Occupational Health and Safety. Bu

He said: uz We analyze the causes, root causes and the results of a work accident. We try to take measures to prevent the repetition of the next stage. However, we must find a way to be prevented before and after an accident at work. This is what they call proactivity. In other words, to define the job correctly, to define the potential risks correctly and to take measures to minimize these risks. This is the path that will lead us to the production of accident-free steel üretim. Hüseyin Soykan asked his employees to analyze correctly the areas of potential occupational accidents and to take correct and adequate measures by making accurate determinations. Soykan said that all business processes should be revised and the necessary risk assessments should be done and whether the existing measures are sufficient and additional measures are needed.

Employees' health and safety is the most valuable issue for them and nothing more important than the health and safety of employees can not be said that the General Manager. Hüseyin Soykan stated that this applies to all subcontractors, employees, customers and visitors in the supply chain. Görev We all spend a significant portion of our lives at work. Our workplace is almost the second home of us. Everyone should come safely to this nest, work confidently and return safely to his family. I, as a colleague and General Manager, want you all to be peaceful. I want you to work peacefully. If you work peacefully, you'il be productive if you're safe. Kardemir grows, Karabük grows, our country grows if you are efficient. Ver

The first day session of the OHS week activities in KARDEMİR continued with the reward of the chief engineers who did not experience any occupational accidents for the last 1, 3 and 5 years with the slogan contests organized in the company, which gave the most OHS suggestions.

Şafak Special Education students also added color to the OHS Week activities with its whirling dervishes and piano concerts. After the acclaimed performance and the piano, the program ended after the children were given their gifts.

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