Türktraktör is by the Farmers with its New Smart Agriculture Application 'My Tarlam is in Pocket'

turktraktor new smart agriculture application in the field with the farmer next to the
turktraktor new smart agriculture application in the field with the farmer next to the

📩 09/05/2019 13:46

The installation of 65. Celebrating the year, TürkTraktör will again be the first in the sector, and offers its new mobile application Tarlam Cepte, which provides support to farmers on agricultural issues.

TürkTraktör is the uninterrupted leader of the industry for 12 for many years. The company offers uygulama Tarlam Cepte ı, a user-friendly digital application that will provide decision support with the use of technology in agriculture.

With its new application, TürkTraktör aims to provide farmers with added value by reducing input costs in agriculture and improving operational efficiency.

All the information that farmers need in Tarlam Cepte application

Users who download Tarlam Cepte to their smart phones or tablets; free of charge from the weather in the region, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock agricultural grants / support for announcements, stock / stock prices, diesel, fertilizer and drug prices, so you can quickly and easily get up-to-date information.

Tips to increase specific savings on each area and land

With the services offered to the users of Tarlam Cepte as a fee, the farmers have a du personalized ılar tracking system that allows the farm parts to be identified and monitored on the map. After the farmers mark their land on the satellite map, they receive warnings specific to this area and the land, and regularly monitor crop health. TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner stated that they are continuing their investments for the future of agriculture by anticipating the needs of the farmer. In this fact, we use a system where 5 province and the districts and villages related to these provinces are taken from the 81 location in our Tarlam Cepte application. We can see weather changes and drought measurement reports which are updated hourly with specific parameters. One of the most important benefits provided to users is the early warning system. With instant notifications, the farmers are allowed to take measures against the threats that can be caused by extreme rainfall, hail, and storm weather events. Anlık

Retrospective data control with location-based satellite support

Users can avoid potential losses by seeing the areas that need to be controlled through location-based satellite-assisted phytosanitary monitoring service, while they can also receive cultivation activities such as tillage, irrigation, fertilization and spraying according to their growth periods. For example, the field can be applied today, or the right day for wheat cultivation or spraying, such as recommendations can be accessed through the application. TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner emphasizes the importance of the application to evaluate the past 30 annual data and to present a prediction of drought for the future. In this way, farmers, drought information for selected fields at the beginning of the season can receive an estimate. At the same time, this data is compared with the past drought status of the field, leading to the decision to make a purchase or investment decision.

'Tarlam Cepte' application to make farmers' lives easier I www.tarlamcepte.co from the website and internetGoogle Play with "Apple Store”Can be downloaded and used.

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