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2nd Hand Tractor Institutionalized with TürkTraktör's Brands in Turkey: Turkey's tractor giant TürkTraktör continues to produce consumer-oriented solutions with its New Holland and Case IH brands. Thanks to the new platform implemented by TürkTraktör, the Turkish second-hand tractor market creates a corporate identity. kazanhe's eating. Turkish farmer under the umbrella of TürkTraktö ve www.caseihxnumx.netSayesinde 2 suitable for the budget and purpose of using platforms. The hand tractor can be purchased with TürkTraktör's assurance and services.
TürkTraktör continues to be the brand of firsts. Rooted history with 60 years TürkTraktör produces solutions in the Turkish farmers, Turkey 2. hand rolled up her arms for an institutional solution to the tractor market. TürkTraktör under the guarantee of New Holland and Case IH brands. Thanks to the sat El iyor platform, the Turkish farmer can buy the tractor suitable for its budget and intended use as second-hand with the guarantee of TürkTraktör.
TürkTraktör always beside the farmers stated that they TürkTraktör Deputy General Manager, Marketing Matthieu séjourné subject of evaluating "the whole world as 2 in Turkey. There is the truth of the hand tractor market however 2. There is no institutional structure that owns the hand tractor market. production in Turkey, each time producing solution in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish farmers, as an institution 2 near the Turkish farmers. This idea has arisen because we believe that we need to provide solutions to our farmers with corporate security. the services we provide direct benefits to our farmers and in addition to this system, Turkey 2. I think it is an important service towards the hand tractor market. Therefore, we did not restrict our website platform to our own brands and opened the system to all brands. The important thing for us is the purchase of the tractor, which is suitable for farmers' budget and intended use, with corporate security and services package of a corporate company. Bizim
2. hand tractors in one platform
Case IH and New Holland dealers within the body of TürkTraktör are equipping their second hand tractors with their equipment. ve It offers Turkish farmers' appreciation with the assurance of TürkTraktör via its websites. Apart from the equipment, Case IH and New Holland tractors can be included in the system as well as second-hand tractors of other brands.
Within the scope of the project, which is open to all New Holland and Case IH dealers, two different websites designed for New Holland and Case IH have been designed. ve On their website, dealers can publish second-hand tractors and equipment in stock. Designed to be easy to use, the website is designed according to the needs of end users, and each brand can be published with second hand stock without any brand distinction.
2. Achieved warranty assurance
Türktraktör, which offers all brand and model tractors with corporate assurance and service on the platform it creates, also applies warranty on domestic New Holland brand tractors up to 10 age and 7000 Hours. Within the scope of the warranty applicable to the T480, TT, 56S and TD series; T480, TT50B, TT55B, TT65B, TT50, TT55, TT65, TT75, 55-56S, 65-56S, 75-56S, TD65B, TD75B, TD80B, TD5020B, TD5030B, TD5040B, TD65S, TD75S, TD80S, TD65D, TD75D, TD80D, TD90D, TD100D, TD110D models. The warranty will be valid for 1 year (12 month), there will be no time limit within this period and the warranty will be transferred to the new customer when the customer sells the guaranteed tractor to someone else.
TürkTraktör, New Holland brand 2. With the help of hand tractors, the company offers warranty services with Tur Assist. Within the scope of the cooperation with Tur Assist, 2. Hand customer; and take advantage of 7 / 24 assistance privileges, such as service shooting, service teams and on-site repair and information services. The tractor under warranty; detailed appraisal, necessary revisions and maintenance, reliable 2. Hand will be offered to customers.
Only 2. TürkTraktör not only brings the hand tractors together with the Turkish farmers, but also provides the financial support that Turkish farmers may need when buying a tractor suitable for their budget and intended use.

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