They stole the Railway Bridge in Russia

Russia's railroad crosses
Russia's railroad crosses

An old railway bridge on the Umba River in the Murmansk region, near Finland, was stolen on the north-western end of Russia.

The bridge, which was actively used until 12 years before the USSR era, was abandoned to its fate in another region. The Oktyabsky village on the bridge was also empty. A metal company in the region due to the bankruptcy of the unused and abandoned to the fate of the metal parts of the bricks have been playing for a long time and the river no longer a bridge over a citizen emerged notice of the police.

The bridge, connecting the two sides of the Umba River, was being used as a pedestrian crossing by few peasants in recent years.

In the USSR era, the bridge between Kirovsk-Lovozero cities is estimated to have stolen the bridge, which the thieves stole to supply scrap metal.

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