Concrete Road Instead of Asphalt Road in Manisa

manisada asphalt road instead of concrete road
manisada asphalt road instead of concrete road

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality realized a first asphalt in the 17 district of Manisa and attempted a 'concrete road'. In this context, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Alasehir district center and Kavaklıdere neighborhood between the concrete road application initiated by the Deputy General Secretary of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Ali Öztozlu, low-cost, long-life and local production of concrete road asphalt may be an alternative said.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has started a concrete road trial in Manisa. In this context, the ası concrete road ediy is implemented by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the 6 kilometer road between Kavaklıdere and the district center in Alaşehir. Ali Öztozlu, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, examined the works carried out on the current road together with Kurtuluş Kuruçay, Head of the Road Construction and Repair Department of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Trial Works in Progress
Ali Öztozlu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality stated that they were conducting trial works on the concrete road as an alternative to the asphalt. Yol We are on the second road where we make concrete application within the scope of our R & D activities. In the present study, we applied a different technique according to the concrete road application in Kumkuyucak District of Saruhanlı. We have implemented a method with normal asphalt finishes in Kumkuyacak Neighborhood. Here concrete work is done by direct concrete finishing and liquid concrete formwork. This practice is a bit more costly and slower. The other app is a bit faster, but you need to close the path for seven yards being thrown at the same time. We will compare them. These were the ways we chose for our R & D work. Ge

Domestic Production
Öztozlu stated that the concrete road may be an alternative to asphalt due to its low cost, long life and domestic production. Beton We are a country dependent on foreign energy. Due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate and the high increases in oil, the asphalt road reached high costs. In this sense, asphalt is an alternative to low cost and domestic because we are working with concrete roads. We will wait for these roads to be used for a couple of months. Then we will present our report to the mayor of Manisa about the existing roads. Daha



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