Discovery Routes and Practical Path Information to Users from Yandex Navigation

Routing routes and practical route information from yandex navigation users
Routing routes and practical route information from yandex navigation users

Turkey's popular navigation applications Yandex's blog page navigation, meet with users with renewed face. is In many different categories, information and articles are waiting for users. In the renewed blog page, in addition to current articles about the prominent features and innovations of the Yandex Navigation application, practical information such as “discovery, content such as kaçış city escape routes“ or ”vacation routes yazıl and leri safe driving techniques öne, as long road recommendations Yen features.

Yandex Navigation meets the users on their renewed blog page. Yandex, which has become an indispensable application of traffic ecosystem with its current road situation information and the fastest route suggestions, presents its blog page which contains different categories of content to the users. is The blog page contains different categories of content. In the alıy Navi ategor category, Yandex Map Editor, özellik duty pharmacies ”, navigasyon speed cameras”, arı navigation without internet “, Yandex's prominent features and innovations, as well as articles about the traffic ecosystem.

Current route information: Nerede Where and How to Get to Istanbul Airport Güncel
De Discovering ”or“ Leaving ”theme, which is identified with navigation on the blog page, draws attention with the travel writings read with pleasure. Fun in the “Explore with Navi“ category; Or Places to Visit in Istanbul başlık, ilir How to get to Belgrad Forest ”, Gid How to get to Bozcaada ecek are the topics that carry topics such as. In addition, current and useful information such as ıl Where and How to Get to Istanbul Airport Ayrıca is offered to the users. Yandex's renewed blog includes practical information such as the routes of events, such as festivals, or the routes of places that can be visited during the year, as well as önemli safe driving techniques otal and ler long road recommendations Y.

Brands meet navigation advertising models
The site also has a separate category page addressing brands. Yandex Navigation introduces innovative advertising models that focus on improving the user experience, sharing examples and success stories from different brands. In addition to the existing advertising models such as ıy Digital Billboard “, yeni Branded Pop-Up Pins” and anner Custom Category ed, new advertising models such as ”Zero Speed ​​Banner“ and ins Branded Route ı are introduced in detail in 2019. Brands can contact Yandex for possible collaborations and projects through the form placed at the bottom of the page.

Yandex Navigation invites all users to discover the renewed blog page.

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