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Yandex Navigation has published the analysis of the holiday holiday traffic: Yandex Navigation will be the biggest helper of the users who will set out for the holiday of Ramadan. Yandex Navigation, which analyzes the traffic data during the last Ramadan holidays, prepared tips for the users who will start at 2017 with the results. In his analysis, Yandex Navigation examined the most traffic-intensive points and waiting times and determined the ideal hours to start.

Yandex Navigation, the pioneer of the navigation industry with the most innovative technologies, analyzed the traffic that occurred during the Ramadan holiday holidays in recent years. The analysis specifically focused on clogged points and ideal hours to set off, while valuable tips for drivers were prepared. According to the analysis of the last three years, it was observed that the traffic intensity started in 13.00 and reached the highest level in 19.00 on Friday. According to the analysis of Yandex Navigation, although the traffic density shows a decrease after 19.00, the application is only yoğun turning green dan at 21.00.

In Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the highest traffic density is experienced in Mahmutbey Tolls. Festive traffic is increasing at 12.00. At 13.00, the wait time is more than a regular 1,5 hour on Friday. While the traffic density peaked between 16.00-19.00 hours, the waiting time increased by more than 2 hours.

2016 15 12.00 July Martyrs' Bridge, the highest traffic density of the Golden Horn Bridge began to be seen. The traffic density is on 13.00 on Fridays, while 1 is waiting for 16.00 to increase. The peak traffic peaks between 18.00-1 hours will cause the 15 hour XNUMX hour to increase.

While there is not a big change in the entrance of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge from the Anatolian Side to the European Side, the waiting time between 10.00-15.00 is increasing by about 20 minutes. On the other hand, in the same direction, there is an 15 hourly increase between 10.00-14.00 hours at the entrance of 1 July Martyrs Bridge. The traffic density continues from Uzunçayır Junction to Haliç Bridge.

Ideal start time based on Yandex Navigation's traffic analysis data 21: 00

The ideal departure time for Eid al-Fitr holiday is at the top of the information that users need the most. Yandex Navigation proposes to move to 3 in the evening and to move to 21.00 in the morning by looking at the data of the same period in the last 10.00 year.

Yandex Map Services Manager Onur Karahayıt: “New bridges and new roads will ease traffic Y

Yandex Director of Map Services, Onur Karahayıt stated that they want to help millions of users in the traffic during the holiday of Ramadan and said: inde We are waiting for 23 to move on Friday in June. Even on an ordinary Friday in Istanbul, traffic density reaches the highest level, while density can be doubled along with the holiday break. We think that the closure of two lanes within the scope of maintenance works started at the 15 July Martyrs Bridge will be another factor that will increase the intensity. We'll calculate all these and will offer all the alternative routes to our users who will depart during the holidays. Our users will be able to see events such as accidents on the road through our application. With the analysis we have made over the last three years, we have tried to uncover information that will help our users get rid of the intensity. In addition, the Eurasian Tunnel or Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge did not exist in our lives in recent years. We think that both new bridges and new roads will make traffic more comfortable this year. Yandex Navigation is ready as a holiday; Our users have been working intensively for a long time to create the fastest routes during the holiday. We recommend anyone using Yandex Navigation if they don't want to suffer in long vehicle queues. Araç

A route to Ankara is the largest in 2016

Yandex Navigation revealed the route to which 2016 was the most important route during the holiday of Ramadan. Most of the users who move from Istanbul to Ankara route, he noted.

30 million times opened, 20 million searches done

Yandex Navigation used millions of people who didn't want to get on the road during Ramadan holiday last year. Application 30 was opened close to the million times and 20 million searches were made. 12 has created more than a million routes in order to keep track of the most obvious routes and to make it easier to reach their destination. Yandex Navigation thanks to the length of the queues extended by passing the alternative routes to those who leave on the application 60 has helped other users with more than a thousand messages.

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