First Stage of the Tour of Mersin Branislau Samoilau Kazanoutside

tour of myrtle first stage branislau samoilau kazandi
tour of myrtle first stage branislau samoilau kazandi

Tour of Mersin International Bike Tour, which was held by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality this year for 5, started from Anamur. 4 was Branislau Samoilau, the winner of the General Class in the first stage of the round. 2 hours 47 Samoilau left its rivals behind with its 49 second minute and became the owner of the Yellow Swimwear.

Mersin Governor's Office under the auspices of Turkey Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and the Cycling Federation was held in collaboration 5. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour started with Anamur. 9 team from the 13 country and 130 of 1 athlete participated in the tour. Vahap Seçer, the mayor of Mersin, waved the checkered flag.

Chairman Seçer: den We will contribute to the world sport from Mersin Başkan

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, 1. In his speech, while the start of the stage, stating Tour Of Mersin excitement will continue through that and 4 days starting from Anamur, "Tour Of Mersin, all Mersin hinterland of 13 our district, our riders will have the opportunity to fold routes. Turkey not only the whole world, our region, our Mersini, historic and tourist sites, beautiful landscapes we will have the opportunity to promote, "he said.

Mayor of the city in the period of cultural, artistic and President stating that they will choose to host sporting events, "You know, I started working a short time ago, and the first event I attended, I got to start first bike tour. In our period, we will host important events in Mersin, especially in the cultural field, artistic activities and sports. We will put into practice important projects in this regard. In many areas of sports, we will organize important organizations in Mersin in order to contribute to the promotion of the city to the world, Turkish sports and world sports. I wish Tour of Mersin to be completed in a beautiful environment without accident. I wish success to all the jewelry and sportsmen participating in this tournament. I would like to present my love and respect to everyone to meet the Anamurites in the following events. Bundan

Branislau Samoilau was the owner of the yellow and turquoise swimsuit

Anamur district of Atatürk Boulevard 5. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 1. Stage Gülnar, ended in Yanışlı. Belarus Minsk Cycling Club team Branislau Samoilau 190. 1 km. As the Sprint Leader, he became the owner of the Yellow and Turquoise Swimwear.

In the 1st Stage General Classification, Florian Obersteiner from the Herrmann Radteam team is second with 2 hours 47 minutes and 55 seconds, and Halil Doğan from the Salcano Sakarya BB Team is both the third in the General Classification and the Climbing Leader in Orange Jersey with 2 hours 48 minutes and 30 seconds. right to receive kazanwas.

9 team and 13 athletes from 130 country pedaling Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, 2015'ın Tour of Mersin International Bike Tour this year since the 5. 9 13 team from the country and the total 130 athletes struggled and will be 4 Day Tour of Mersin Cycling Tour consists of 4. Through the course of the tour, which covers the 13 district of Mersin, people from different cultures come together and the unifying power of sport is shown to the whole world from Mersin. the spread of bike culture in Mersin Mersin Tour of providing positive contributions, but also the Union Cycliste Internationale (International Union of Cyclists) Classification 2.2 career demonstrates the feature of being a European race. On the tour, there are contimental teams, national teams and club teams.

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