De Pedal Project For Your Future In Sanko Schools

The project İçin Sen de Pedalla for the Future bu, which was started by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the use of bicycles in the city, was told to the secondary school students at Sanko Schools this time.

A conference was organized for students and teachers at the Private Sanko Secondary School with the Cyclists Association, in order to increase the awareness of the use of bicycles in the city by bicycle transportation projects prepared by the Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department Transportation Planning Department.

Cyclists Association President in conference began with the presentation of Turkey Murat Suyabatmaz and examples were given regarding the use of bicycles in the world countries. Suyabatmaz mentioned that bicycle is now indispensable for cities to create a healthy and healthy city. 2918 Traffic Law of 37 11 XNUMX years after the people can be reached with the bicycle traffic, emphasizing the importance of Suyabatmaz, a habitable environment should be widespread use of bicycles, he said.

In order to increase bicycle awareness, Suyabatmaz stated that Gaziantep will continue to work with public schools and private schools in pilot regions.

After the presentation, Suyabatmaz answered the questions of the students.

Teachers who contributed to the project after the conference were rewarded by the Metropolitan Municipality officials.

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