Smart City Technologies Exhibited at ICSG Fair

smart city technologies exhibited at icsg fair
smart city technologies exhibited at icsg fair

Siemens offers products and solutions for the smart cities of the future under the Digital Networks 7. International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair.

Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG), which brings together the global energy sector in Istanbul and directs the smart networks and cities of the future, was held at the Haliç Congress Center on April 25-26 in April. Siemens Turkey, ICSG Fair under the Digital Networks offers solutions for smart cities, and for the energy world of the future "sustainable, smart and safe" took place with themed products.

the industry leader in intelligent digital network solutions offered by Siemens Turkey, 43 percent of the energy used by the distribution companies. Siemens's existing infrastructure more intelligent and autonomous and purify human error which make Smart Grid solutions, developed in Turkey.

”Comprehensive and holistic security“ approach

Today, Siemens stated that digitalization this expansion by the cyber security needs of the rapidly increasing Digital Networks Director for Turkey, Hasan Ali Sunday said: "cyber Siemens security," a comprehensive and holistic security, "We are approaching the strategy and both data and we provide the security of physical assets. With our cyber security solutions for energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, automotive, cement, paper, iron and steel, etc., we aim to prevent threats and minimize the risk of our customers. We offer world-class end-to-end cyber security solutions covering all operational technologies in all critical infrastructures, including energy systems. Sistem

innovative products and systems of Siemens Turkey's stand exhibited, Cyberspace for Energy Automation Security, Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Applications in Energy Efficiency, Digital Station and Smart Water Management was held in special presentations for the solution. Fair's first day in power automation for cyber security and energy efficiency in the cloud-based artificial intelligence applications that promote the Siemens Turkey, held on the second day digital stations and intelligent water management presentations.

Siemens' digitalization-oriented solutions offer easy management and high efficiency

Offering many different and innovative solutions for the production, transmission and distribution of energy, Siemens also supports its customers in the development of intelligent transmission and distribution networks, as well as in the integration of centralized and dispersed power generation facilities. It offers value-added services by integrating solutions for smart grids, especially in the transmission and distribution stages of energy, with the goal of easy management and efficiency in digitalization.

In addition to establishing new networks in energy, Siemens provides adaptation, modernization and development of existing networks to future needs. It offers a complete portfolio of turnkey intelligent city and infrastructure solutions and services, including railway electrification as well as protection, automation, planning, control, analysis and monitoring of network infrastructures.

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