Siemens Mobility Eurasiarail to Emphasize Linked Transportation at 2019

siemens mobility eurasiarail will also accentuate linkage
siemens mobility eurasiarail will also accentuate linkage

Siemens Mobility, which will participate in the Eurasiarail 2019 Fair, will present digital innovations to industry representatives under the slogan of “We are shaping connected transportation, in an increasingly Bağlan uninterrupted transportation ecosystem Eur that is becoming increasingly networked. These solutions make railway transportation more efficient and reliable.

Digitalization is transforming the transport sector radically. With digitalization, Siemens Mobility makes it possible for world-class transport operators to make the infrastructure smart, improve value sustainability throughout the entire life cycle, improve passenger experience and guarantee availability. Many technologies and solutions will be introduced at Eurasiarail 10, most of which will be implemented between 12-2019 April. ETCS Level 3 Hybrid and cloud-based maintenance, digital services, 3D printing on spare parts, metro configurator and life cycle calculator and Velaro Novo stand out as some of them.

New Velaro Novo with less energy consumption than 30 percent
The new Velaro Novo high-speed train from Siemens Mobility stands out as the systematic further development of the three-generation Velaro's. Numerous innovations in the details make this new high-speed train a unique, high-efficiency concept that consumes less energy than the 30, and provides a 10 percent increase in capacity while significantly reducing investment and maintenance costs. With the evacuated interior concept and the possibility of numerous configurations, Velaro Novo will maintain its value in the future and can be flexibly adapted to meet new design concepts and operator requirements, even after years of operation.

With Digital Laboratories and Data Analysis and Reporting Centers offering Smart Data Monitoring technology, Siemens Mobility offers proactive insights that minimize downtime and maximize operational benefits for trains. Finding the main causes of the problems is analyzing the real-time data from the trains with certain algorithms to predict the future maintenance problems with the system.

Innovative electrification and automation solutions from Siemens Mobility
Siemens Mobility; In Marmaray, he established and commissioned the signaling and control system, communication systems and SCADA system. Technologically unique line; It is equipped with both ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control System) systems. Through these systems, train and line component information is transmitted to the traffic control center in the most up-to-date manner. The established control system, Siemens Trainguard, continuously reports the exact information about the locations of the trains. In this way, while trains get uninterrupted directions on which blocks and at which speed they can go, control centers are also given the opportunity to intervene quickly when necessary.

Siemens Mobility, which creates economical, comfortable, sustainable and innovative solutions for intercity and intercity journeys in rail and road transportation systems, has been established in the city rail systems; In addition to subway, tram, train and wagons, they perform their infrastructure, signalization and electrification works.

Siemens Mobility, which has been serving the transportation sector for many years with its strong design and innovative technology, not only brings new ideas to transportation solutions for traffic management, which is one of the most problematic areas of the present and possibly the future, but also continues to offer long-term solutions by focusing on the transformation of people and individual transportation needs. It is. This year, Siemens Mobility is presenting its products and solutions in the hall B530.

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