Ankara Receives Major Scrap Vehicles

ankara is collecting large scrap vehicles
ankara is collecting large scrap vehicles

The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara continues to work with the old technology, to endanger the traffic, disrupt the flow and cause the pollution of the old vehicles from the traffic continues.

Within the framework of the principles stated in the Motor Vehicle Tax Communiqué, scrap vehicles began to be collected by Metropolitan Municipalities as of 27 July 2017. Until now, thousands of 417 scrap vehicles were collected free of charge in the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Etimesgut Scrap Collection Center.


Taxpayers delivering 1998 models and 16 cars benefit from SCT discounts in new vehicle purchases, while those delivering 1997 models and older vehicles benefit from both SCT reduction and tax amnesty.

Increasing the inventory of scrap vehicles every day, the Metropolitan Municipality sends the received vehicles to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution for recycling.


Citizens who want to hand over to the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge to the scrap vehicle that maintains its physical integrity, apply to Notary.

Citizens can make use of the provisions of the relevant law provisions document, identity and license registration photocopy with the municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department performs the transactions.


Appointment vehicle owners; Bahçekapı District, Güvercinlik Road, Road-Asphalt Cluster Houses No: 1 (Near the Limak Cement Plant) delivers the vehicle to the vehicle collection center in Etimesgut against the vehicle delivery report.

The person or the institution that will deliver the license to the owner of the license shall carry out his transactions with the notary approved power of attorney, while the scrap vehicle company vehicle can apply with the authorized personnel of the company to deliver the vehicle, the signature circular (wet signed), the commercial registry newspaper and the tax plate. If the owner of the license has died, who has the right to claim in the vehicle or with the guardians, notary approved by the power of attorney completes the process.

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