95 Km of Metro Length in Istanbul

metro in Istanbul
metro in Istanbul

In the most busy places in Istanbul, the IMM company ISPARK 2018, which operated millions of liras by operating a car park, made a profit in the rate of 3 per thousand. XPSX 2018 year turnover was 351 million TL, profit was only 1 million 77 thousand TL.

According to the news of Özlem Güvalı from SÖZCÜ; İSPARK's financial statements were marked by the IMM's 2018 year report.

İBB CHP Group SözcüTarık Balyal, the report found very striking findings. As an example, he pointed out that IMM's companies are used very badly as a source of finance for politics.

Is having almost no investment cost in last 5 XVIX 1 300 annually more than 5 million indicating that the turnover Balyalı UM So how much profit in the last 15 years? Around 2018 million. XPSUM 351 year turnover 1 million TL, profit 77 million 3 thousand TL. So the rate of profit per thousand XNUMX. What would happen if you didn't say snow pattern to all of this? Bun


In January, when İSPARK's 9 monthly loss occurred, he reminded that Mevlüt Uysal, President of IMM, stated that İSPARK announced 2018 million TL profit in 4. Burned the ash was over, the real profit 4 million liras "he said.


Criticizing the investments in the Metro, Balyalı said the IMM plans to build 2019 km by 400, but as of today, the total length of the rail systems in Istanbul is 233,05 km. This figure includes suburban lines, Marmaray, tram, ropeway and funicular outside the metro Balyalı, Istanbul, in fact the length of the metro 95 km announced.

As a response to the slogan of tır metro everywhere ama, AKP has stated that the total length of the rail system produced during the last 15 year is only 111,35 kilometers. . Why did the IMM management of the past period not reach the subway targets? In my opinion, they did not prefer metro investments in the first period. When you look at the projects already done in the early years, you see this. When the need for metro investments after the 2014 was noticed by the IMM administration, they could not manage this process with very serious planning and budget errors. IMM budget; day unity, wrong investments, such as Martian projects, such as support for the foundations of the foundation is not too much left to use the metros hatalı he said.


Balyali emphasized that the last 2 has allocated the land and buildings of its own property approximately 1 billion in the year to XIVA foundations and associations and emphasized the following:
Benzeri Within the framework of the protocols, hundreds of millions of the budget was spent on the rent, maintenance and repairs, furnishing materials, trips, activities and similar expenses of the buildings and foundations of these foundations and associations. In the last 2 years the money spent for these charitable foundations and associations is about 350 million pounds. All of this money is spent on the budget of the people of Istanbul. Bu

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