Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line will go underground in Zeytinburnu

kabatas bagcilar tram line will land underground
kabatas bagcilar tram line will land underground

The project prepared for taking the T1 Tram Line, which is passing through Istanbul Zeytinburnu, to the underground, has been unveiled.

HabertürkAccording to the report of Mehmet Demirkaya from Istanbul, the presentation file of the project prepared for the T1 Tram Line (Between Zeytinburnu and Seyitnizam), prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Directorate, was submitted to the Istanbul Governorship to start the EIA process.

Because of the same ground traffic as the road traffic, the problem of traffic flow in the region of the tram line to be taken underground 2 had come up for years ago. The zoning plan amendment prepared for the project was accepted at the IBB Parliament last January. According to the presentation file submitted to the governor's office, the project cost of the tunnel to be built for the tram was determined as 292 million 500 thousand TL.


According to the introduction file, the following assessment was made about the project in question: “T1-Kabataş- Bağcılar Tram Line, Zeytinburnu, Cevizlivineyard, Beyazit, Eminonu, Kabataş It is a rail system line that touches the most important passenger attraction points of the city and reaches a very high number of passengers compared to its capacity. For this reason, the travel demands of the mentioned tram line have reached saturation point since 2014 and even entered a decreasing trend.

Assuming that travel values ​​reaching saturation point will not increase at least unless there is an additional capacity increase, Kabataş-Bagcılar Tramway Line Seyitnizam and Underground Part Between Underground Stations is undertaken to take an approach based on the number of hourly trips based on the station in the current tram line in 2016.

It is aimed to solve the problems experienced in this region by taking the Mithatpaşa and Akşemsettin Stations between Zeytinburnu and Merkez Efendi, one of the regions with mixed traffic. Tram line

approximately 2 kilometers of the area will be taken underground in the mentioned region provided that the station locations remain at the same location, and the interaction with road traffic will be reduced in this region. ”

kabatas bagcilar tram line will land underground

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