Turkish Railway Manufacturers in Spain within the Scope of URGE Project

turk railway industrialists within the scope of urge project in spain
turk railway industrialists within the scope of urge project in spain

With the initiatives of the ERCI-European Association of Railroad Clusters Association Board Member ARUS, it was decided to hold B2B business negotiations in Spain with the rail system clusters operating in Europe. The call was received positively by 5 European Clusters and the event was decided to be held in Bilbao, Spain on 5-7 March 2019.

B2B job interviews in Bilbao were held for 6 days with the participation of 6 Rail System Cluster members from 2 European countries including ARUS Cluster, Italy / DITECFER, Spain / MAFEX, I-TRANS / France, Germany / BTS, Sweden / Jarnvagsklustretms. Our companies had the opportunity to make negotiations to increase their exports through B2B negotiations. The interviews with the needs of the working sector firms in the European market from Turkey to welcome and were assessed in detail the technology transfer issues. Our companies also discussed the opportunities for joint business that can be established. Our companies participating in the Bilbao / Spain B2B event with the URGE project held 2 job interviews in total at the end of the 112-day intensive program.

Our companies with DITECFER, BTS, MAFEX, I-TRANS, JARVAGSKLUSTRET rail system clustering managers had the chance to introduce their companies and talents to the highest level representatives of the related countries in the railway sector.

In the other meeting program organized in Bilbao at the request of the Portuguese Railway Platform-PFP, negotiations were held with PFP Manager Paulo Duarte to increase the inter-cluster collaborations in Bilbao. Paulo Duarte has conveyed to the ARUS URGE project companies on behalf of the Portuguese Railway Industry that Portuguese railways have a wide range of needs and that they want to cooperate with Turkish companies to close this gap. ARUS Board members and URGE companies that participated in the Spain event conveyed the talents, products, production capacity and international achievements of the Turkish Railways Industry to PFP. As a result of the very sincere and warm negotiations, it was decided to establish full capacity cooperation between the two countries. Our Turkish companies also introduced their own companies to PFP one by one and evaluated the possible job opportunities in Portugal. (Anadoluraylısistem on)



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