Learning & Sharing Workshop Within the Scope of Exxtra Project

The part of the learning sharing workshop was carried out within the scope of the exxtra project.
The part of the learning sharing workshop was carried out within the scope of the exxtra project.

ARUS, the leading representative of the Rail System sector, continues to work on EU COSME projects. Teams of Microsoft applications over the meeting held in Turkey in Arus as well as a representative from Spain RAILGRUP, MAFEX from Denmark censec is DITECF from Italy, France, the i-Trans, provided BTS clusters contributions from Germany.

The topic of the second day of the EXXTRA (EXcellence EXchange and Teaming-up between RAilway clusters and ecosystems) Learning & Sharing workshop was "Professionalization of Innovation Services".

In the first session of the workshop, Ignasi Gomez Belinchon, the coordinator of the Spanish Railgroup cluster, made a presentation called "Opportunities and Professionalization in Innovation Services". The presentation also covered in-depth analysis of SWOT analysis, Cluster leadership excellence and synergies between clusters. After the presentation, each project stakeholder expressed his / her questions and opinions on the subject in turn.

In the second session, the interviews prepared by each of the project stakeholder three members benefiting from their experience in innovation services were shown. Later, interviews were evaluated and discussions were held on how to add value to other cluster members in this field.

In the third and last session, a brainstorming was conducted under the leadership of the ConnectBrains firm on how cluster managers can play more active roles in cluster management. In this section, analyzes were made on Defining and Producing New Business Opportunities, Promoting Innovation, Digital Transformation and Siberian Security, Contributing to Sustainable Development, and finally Building Communities.

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