TCDD and TÜDEMSAŞ Housing Buildings

tcdd and tudemsas housing can not rent
tcdd and tudemsas housing can not rent

Udem Haksen President Abdullah Peker stated that there is a social facility and facilities to be provided by TÜDEMSAŞ personnel to the facility. 247 belongs to a thousand lodgings.

Iştir In the first place, the sale of 5 bin lodgings has come to the agenda. TCDD and TUDEMSAŞ lodgings should be removed from the agenda. TCDD and TÜDEMSAŞ Residences are the service houses. We are hearing that some politicians are eyeing the lodgings and plan to use it for commercial purposes. The task of the politician should be to develop the province of which he belongs, and not be put into public property. Siy

Udem Haksen President Abdullah Peker, the historical Sivas Station, 1 will be closed on April, stating, Tren Next year the high-speed train, the station is planned to be ready to work, the station will be closed to the service learned to be closed. 8 is planned to be closed with a monthly period and the passenger flow will be provided by Bostankaya railway station. The station is the heart of Sivas. Living here until the lodgings, but for the continuation of commercial liveliness will not demolish lodgings, but projects such as people's gardens will add vitality to the station street. As a trade union We are in favor of accepting future change plans in the name of the city and not making it to demolish the economic life. We think that Tudemsas personnel should not be victimized. We hereby inform the public that we will be the followers of the necessary works as UDEM rights.

Günceleme: 19/03/2019 13:04

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  1. or the housing allocations appropriately fair and according to the legislation should be sold.