Malatya Citizens Want Blue Train

citizens want the blue train to start service again
citizens want the blue train to start service again

On the 10 June 2016, which is on the route of Malatya-Sivas -Ankara, we were asked to start the Blue Train, which made its last flight in Ankara-Kayaş line. After the maintenance work has ended and 33 has not been on the road for a month, the citizens have begun the campaign again and the citizens have called to the authorities to start the Blue Train in front of the train station.

Malatya, serving on the Sivas-Ankara route and 10 June 2016 Ankara-Kayas line on the last time to make maintenance Blue Train'in citizens who want to start the next time made a statement in front of the Malatya Station. Malatya Yesilyurt Mukhtars Association President and Yesiltepe Atatürk Neighborhood Headman Süleyman Şahbaz Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Headman Şahin Demirci, Gazi District Headman Hüseyin Başıbüyük Yeşiltepe Residents, former TCDD employees Mustafa Tanrıverdi retired train chief, Retired mechanic Ömer Yılmaz and the residents of the neighborhood met in front of TCDD Train made a press release to be taken again. 10 June 2016 on the last expedition and 11 December 2017 scheduled to start next time the cancellation of the Blue Train after the break 33 months after the expulsion caused the reaction. Malatya Yesilyurt Mukhtars Association President and Yesiltepe Ataturk Mukhtar Mukhtar Suleyman Sahbaz said: . We also waited 2016 months. During this period, our passengers were going to Ankara by the Express trains coming from the East direction to the Irmak station and then transporting them to Ankara by car. They did the same shape in their turn. We were told by TCDD that this study was temporary. During this time, we made a few explanations. But no political has supported us. They either didn't hear or didn't want to. But today we feel the absence of the blue train in our region and in Malatya. Both comfortable trend. A trend that suits the budget.

It is a trend where every segment can travel at the point of transportation. Between Sivas Kırşehir Kayseri Yozgat Ankara the children of the people of our region are studying. There are businesses around there. The most convenient way to reach that region is by train. Here 15: 00 also departs from the blue train to Sivas was very crowded. So much so that passengers are busy. Here we are curious about the way the state railways view the nation. Malatya is a metropolitan city, such as why this train was removed. At the same time, even though our deputies know this issue does not bring up at all. It hurts us not to have a study.


Shahbaz: get We have expressed our problems about the blue train many times before. Expect about 2 years. 17 months have still not been worked out. Blue railway transportation is convenient, comfortable, financially, a financial means suitable for people of our region, a convenient means of transportation, the people living in Yesiltepe 8 Neighborhood people and Muhtars in the name of Malatyalılar Yeşilyurt'i in the name of demand. We do not tell these demands to be read only in the newspaper. Let us take them seriously, ignoring us. When they ignore us, they have nothing to do. Politics is done with the nation. No people, no politics. Before the fast train to perform the public service, the blue train must be re-launched at once. As the President of the Yeşilyurt Muhtarlar Derneği, we urgently ask the HNV authorities and politicians. Before the election, we expect the gospel. Seçim


Retired Train Chief Mustafa Tanrıverdi said, “This train was deprived of Çetinkaya because the people of the villages did not come to this side. The villages in the region benefit from the railway in this region. They abolished this service as if they had an intention. They made their voice heard in Divrigi district of Sivas and they were given a train again. However, Elazig railbus was also operated. Is there a resentment of the politicians against the people between Sivas Malatya and they did not express this place. Our children were welcomed to the school by train. Students studying in Yozgat in Kayseri in Sivas were using this train. Please, we want it to be operational as soon as possible. Our passengers here were taking advantage of this train like the city bus. In the morning, people went to their villages in the evening. Their children were going to and from school in Malatya. They were coming and going to Sivas. Even our farmers were using this train. Why was this train to serve farmers removed from the expedition? ” He spoke in the form. (Rahime Gül Erbaş - Malatyasonsöz)

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