Selection of Public Transportation in Izmir

selection of mass transportation in izmir
selection of mass transportation in izmir

31 A series of measures were taken by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for mass transportation due to General Elections of Local Administrations to be held on Sunday March. Bus, suburban, subway, tram and ferry services will start from 03.30 on Sunday.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has brought special arrangements for sea, bus and rail transportation due to local elections on Sunday. Within the scope of the special planning for the election day, in order to facilitate the access to the officials, the buses operating under the General Directorate of ESHOT, İzmir Metro, İZBAN, Konak Tram and Karşıyaka Trams will start at 03.30. Metro and tram services on both sides will be between 03.30-06.00 and 30 minutes apart. From 06.00, the normal operation plan will be implemented. IZBAN 31 will organize an additional 5 train on Sunday morning in March. Trains will depart from Tepeköy and Aliağa during 03.30 and 04.30 hours. Also at 05.15, there will be an additional expedition from Çiğli to Aliağa.

IZDENIZ General Directorate of the election due to the regulation on Sunday at 03.30 Karşıyaka, 04.00'de Konak piers will be the first time.

To reach the details of the regulation made by the General Directorate of ESHOT, Click here.

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