Full Olympic Swimming Pool Near To İZBAN Station

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will build a “full olympic” swimming pool on an area of ​​5 thousand m2 next to Kemer İZBAN station. Solar panels will be placed on the roof of the facility, which will also host underwater rugby and water polo matches; used wastewater will be treated and reused.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Belt İZBAN station and bus transfer center with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Technical and 5 thousand square meters between Vocational High School Turkey's most modern, to give full Olympic size swimming pool that can benefit the İzmirli of all ages. In the coming months, the tender for the construction of the facility is planned.

Following the pool at Buca Social Life Campus and Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, the third swimming pool that will be provided by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to the city will be a new attraction center which will meet the needs of children and young people who are engaged in this sport and will actively use swimming. The Olympic-sized facility includes an indoor pool with 25 meters width and 50 meters height, 10 meter high jump tower, 4 pieces gymnasium, 1 seminar hall, sports hall, dance hall, pilates hall, press room The center will include a running track surrounding the center. While the cafeteria and service units are serving in the facility, there will also be a laboratory for the doping controls in the competitions.

Solar panels and purification
The center is specially designed for the use of disabled citizens. He will provide a part of the electrical energy he needs with solar panels to be placed on his roof. In addition, gray water (wastewater) used in the center can be collected and treated again.

The ground floor will be completely reserved for the athletes. Here we will find the 25 meter high jumping tower, athlete entrance and foyer, dressing-dressing rooms, observer room, referee and coach rooms, first aid room and laboratory with 50 meter height and 5 meter height 10 meter depth.

  1. the floor will belong to the audience. There will be tribune, audience entrance and foyer, consultation-security, cafeteria and service units with capacity of 750.
  2. On the floor, there will be a fitness room, dance hall, pilates hall, dressing-dressing rooms, vip room, press rooms, jogging track, which is open for both athletes and the public.
  3. floor sports venues, seminar hall, recreation areas, trainer room and management room will be devoted to education.
  4. While the basement floor is used as parking space, 2. There will be technical areas and warehouses of the pool on the basement floor.

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