IGA Launches Special Passenger Program

iga private passenger program was put into service
iga private passenger program was put into service

Istanbul Airport which will carry Turkey to the summit of the aviation industry, passenger experience also continues to work at full speed to remove a top spot. IGA enables the passengers to receive privileged services at Istanbul Airport by implementing the 'IGA PASS' membership program.

At Istanbul Airport, which is ready to operate at full capacity, IGA has launched a new membership program to offer its passengers a privileged, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. IGA PASS, the name of the membership program was held at Istanbul Airport.

Discover the exclusive world of Istanbul Airport with IGA Pass!

IGA, which considers every group like families with children, business people and passengers on holiday, offers 4 services with IGA PASS membership program. In the membership program, Lounge, Buggy (Mini Golf Vehicle), Fast-Track, Priority Check-in, Parking, Valet and Intercity Transfer services will be offered.

An area where every detail is considered: İGA Lounge

Contrary to the classic airport service concept, IGA Lounge will be one of the most important service privileges of IGA PASS program which aims to provide maximum quality comfort. Thanks to this service, the 4 thousand 420 square meters and 584 seating capacity for the passengers waiting for their flight at the airport will be served at the IGA Lounge, 24 hours.

For business guests using the IGA Lounge, while working with fully equipped computers, the 2 meeting room with a smart board and the 4 units will meet all of their business needs in this area, where the quiet room is ready for use.

In the membership program, comprehensive services were considered among families with children. In the lounge area, parents will be able to play games and watch cartoons while the parents wait for the flight. Families in the playroom will be able to follow their children in the games room. IGA Lounge, where every detail is considered, such as children's toilets, baby care rooms and breastfeeding rooms, was also forgotten by the convenience of families with children.

In addition, passengers will be able to pre-order the products they want to buy without going to Duty Free from the screens in the IGA Lounge area and purchase the ordered product by going to the nearest Duty Free area indicated on the screen.

As soon as you step into the airport, stress is left behind!

For those who prefer to relax and get away from their work, İGA Lounge, where there are details like billiards, playground, cafes and also shower areas, stands out with its unusual feature. This area will be the number one choice for young passengers, especially with television, private television and private cinemas. Those who go on vacation, get away from stress and fatigue at Istanbul Airport, dining hall, buffet, relaxation area, billiards and game console with details such as passengers, holiday with a sense of vacation will experience this comfort even more at the airport.

Don't be late; With the buggy, you have quick access to the airplane door and a fast access system Bu

Being aware of the importance of time in today's world, IGA is launching a fast transition system in order to allow more time for passengers. IGA PASS, Fast Track service will always be at the forefront at Istanbul Airport, where a total of 12 fast crossing points are available, including domestic, international, arrivals and departures.

The Buggy (Mini golf cart) located between the IGA PASS services will be available at the 3 point of Istanbul Airport and will be ready after the passport check and take the passengers to the boarding gate.

Another privileged service from Istanbul Airport: Personalized service assistant
IGA PASS offers many special services to passengers. With the Meet & Greet service, passengers will be able to get service from the airport gate to the plane with the assistant. With this service, IGA PASS users will be able to benefit from various privileges such as being met by private assistant, using Fast & Track and priority check-in system, using IGA Lounge and Buggy service.

VIP service is also available at the Meet & Greet VIP service. Additional services of the Meet & Greet service include the introduction of VIP apron transfers, flower pick-up, airport city transfer and shopping consultancy services at airports.

IPS PASS Plus (299 Euro), IGA PASS Extra (399 Euro) and IGA PASS Premium (799 Euro), 3 are categorized in different segments and purchases can be made annually. While IGA PASS is designed as a completely digital application, it is enough to download * Istanbul Airport (Google Play and App Store) to purchase.

İGA PASS, Istanbul Airport, is the President and General Manager of İGA Airport Operations. H. Kadri Samsunlu; Arak Our primary goal for Istanbul Airport is to move this unique structure far beyond a journey point; transforming our guests' travels into an unforgettable experience. In line with this target, we plan every detail to ensure that all our guests can leave with a high level of satisfaction from the moment they set foot at Istanbul Airport. Bu

Stating that the IGA PASS membership program was put into practice with the motto karşılaş The Most Enjoyable Time of Your Trip ve, Samsunlu continued his words as follows: sıradan IGA PASS is not an ordinary membership program, but a complementary service that completes each other and privileges the entire journey process. Os IGA PASS will turn your journeys into an enjoyable experience; Includes Lounge, Buggy, Fast-Track and Meet & Greet services. We claim to be the biggest but most important service airport in the world, and IGA PASS is a differentiating factor at this point. This special passenger program; will serve the new generation of travel. I wish IGA PASS to be good and lucky to our airport, Istanbul and all our guests who will turn the air travel into a joyful, relaxing, entertaining experience, not a time spent reaching from one point to another. Yol

* About Istanbul Airport Application

Istanbul Airport, mobile app is starting to guide you before leaving the house. From the moment you download it to your smartphone, you will be your guide until you go to the door of the plane. The Istanbul Airport application allows you to experience better quality during your journey. Developed to make your travels more enjoyable and stress-free, the Istanbul Airport mobile app helps you make an easy flight and plan your time effectively.

Everything about Istanbul Airport is in 'Istanbul Airport' application İstanbul

With uygulam Istanbul Airport seçenek mobile application developed by IGA Informatics company which is established with one hundred percent domestic and national resources, it is able to track flight, food, beverage, shopping areas and transportation options can be accessed. In addition, all events in Istanbul can be reached instantly. The mobile application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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