Passenger Transport Services Done Workshop on Accessibility in Turkey

The accessibility of passenger transport services turkiyede Workshop held
The accessibility of passenger transport services turkiyede Workshop held

Minister Turhan, Hamamizade Ihsan Bey Cultural Center, Turkey and co-funded by the EU, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry conducted by the "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey" s in Trabzon in his speech at the workshop, the project not only of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry , Turkey is the project, he said he is happy that the support shown in the workshop.

Although the concept of service brings to mind the definitions of duty and job as a meaning, Turhan states that it also includes the meaning of care and care, and that a real service understanding requires to act with care as much as the duty consciousness.

Referring to the importance of equal access to all services, Turhan said: eşit Providing equal services to people is a prerequisite for providing equal services to society. Human beings are the cornerstone of society and service that values ​​human beings is the service of the whole country. One of the main means of equalization is undoubtedly the freedom of transportation and communication. It is not possible to talk about the hope of equalization without the freedom of transport and communication. The right of all people in the country to reach from one place to another with the same means and equal communication should be delivered. I

Turhan pointed out that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, they have worked diligently to deliver this right and implemented the necessary projects.

X We have been working under the leadership of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the 17 for years to make our country accessible and accessible. 20 639 thousand kilometers of divided highway accessible and accessible to Turkey, have made tunnels and bridges. Today we are able to travel safely and comfortably to every corner of the country with a total divided road of 26 thousand 740 kilometers. Thanks to the tunnels, the distances have been shortened and travel has accelerated. Thanks to Ovit Tunnel, my fellow countrymen do not worry about going to Erzurum in winter. Approachable and accessible for our 26 number of airports which have interests in Turkey xnumx'y. We opened the world's largest airport. The number of citizens traveling by air has increased from 57 million to 34,5 million. Approachable and accessible for Turkey Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, Marmaray, the Eurasia Tunnel, we have made the North Marmara Motorway. 210 Çanakkale Bridge, Gebze-İzmir Motorway, such as the giant projects continue. We are counting the days to put this giant project into service. This weekend, we will be presenting the biggest highway project of the world with the 1915 kilometer between Istanbul and Izmir to the people of our country with the honors of our President. ”

Approachable and accessible that they put a high-speed train service for Turkey and Turhan explained that benefit from the services of the city 40 where the xnumx'n percent of the population, "So far we have traveled in high-speed comfort our people about 11 million and the construction of thousands of 49 kilometers still continues. We've added speed to the speed of communication available and accessible to Turkey. Our fiber cable length has increased from 889 thousand 81 kilometers to 304 thousand kilometers. When we say 360G, 2G and 3G, we are working feverishly for 4,5G. We have become a country producing our own satellite. Yesterday, we supervised the construction of our local and national satellite at ASELSAN facilities. Our goal is to launch our national satellite into space in 5..

Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey, mention that all this work and Turhan striking cover the modes of transport, the project at the point of delivery is literally the right to transport accessible to all citizens said that great importance.

Görev For accessibility, the service provider and the user have duties ”

Pointing out that user error, rights violations and lack of awareness are among the things that directly affect accessibility, Turhan said:

Im Let me give you a very simple example. When you get on a city bus, the first thing you do is find empty seats to sit on, right? If it is close to the door, we prefer it to be easy to get down. However, the seats closest to the door are reserved for our citizens with limited mobility. When we sit on the sofa near the door, let's say that an old citizen gets on the back of the seat. We say that we found no place to sit anyhow. It's not just about finding a seat, guys. The problem is that he can easily use that service when coming down and getting on board. Access to the stroke button without passing the stop. This citizen should benefit from this service already offered for him without asking for help from others. At this point, awareness is very important. For accessibility, the service provider and the user are assigned tasks. Accessibility is an issue that we can all provide unanimously. Disabled, mobility constraints and elderly citizens also have duties. They will be more involved in social life without isolating themselves, so that awareness will become more widespread. ”

In Turkey, Turhan Passenger Transport Accessibility Project, providing a variety of information about their services, "a systematic way of accessible transportation in Turkey is the most comprehensive project aimed at promoting accessibility to the public. During the last 2 year, the National Accessibility Strategy Document and Action Plans have been collected with a program in consultation with all parties and accompanied by experts from the EU. 7 will be evaluated in all aspects at the workshop to be held in August and this document will be the roadmap of accessible transportation. Think of it as a reference. I have to point out here that at the end of the studies, although the selected action plans differ according to the types of transportation, we see that they are united at the points that constitute the basis of very simple but accessible accessibility. Therefore, awareness should be provided at these points most. U

Turhan pointed out that the 5 pilot project, which will be implemented with the participation of all interested parties, was unanimously selected among the 20 proposals and emphasized that the 5 of the selected ones are pilot projects that are directly related to local governments.

Stating that the details of the projects are prepared and will be shared with the voluntary municipalities when they are completed, Turhan said, “At this point, I must say emphatically that social municipality is already important in AK Party municipalities. kazanbut it will become much more important in the coming years. Therefore, it is very important for our municipalities to have a full grasp of the purpose and final outputs of the Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey Project. I am sure that our Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Murat Zorluoğlu, shows a special sensitivity to this issue. As the ministry, we are ready to provide all kinds of support in their work.” said.

At the workshop, Trabzon Governor Ismail Ustaoglu, AK Party deputy Muhammet Balta Trabzon, Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoglu, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry Strategy Development President Erol Yanar, President of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) President Selim Uslu also made a speech.

The champion athletes who did not recognize the obstacles of the Black Sea also explained how they started the sport and their achievements. During the workshop, the participants established a sentence in the sign language workshop.

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