No need for EIA for Feshane Bayrampaşa Tram Line

feshane bayrampasa tram line is not needed
feshane bayrampasa tram line is not needed

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality "Feshane (Haliç) - Bayrampaşa" between the planned to do, about the 3 kilometer tram line project examined. Arı Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is Not Necessary Etki was decided. The new tram line is expected to be completed in 2 years and cost about 434 million TL.

HabertürkAccording to the news of Mehmet Demirkaya, the former head of IMM Kadir Topbaş'ın 2015 in the year and the project prepared by the Feshane-Bayrampasa tram line, the implementation of the final projects, the EIA process has been approved without any need. Eminonu-Alibeykoy tram line with the new tram line will be merged in Eyüp Feshane approximately 3 kilometers.

There will be 5 station on the tram line which will be located between Bayrambasi City Hall and Cevik Force. Half the tram line is going underground.

According to the project's launch dossier, the tram line is expected to cost 434 million 124 thousand TL. On the new line, the tram lines for the 2 vehicle will be run and the average lap time is calculated to be 21 minutes. Each directory will have 572 passenger capacity.


In the report of the project, the importance of this line for the region was explained as follows:

Çift Eyüp-Bayrampaşa line, which is a region with a high density of working population, is planned as a two-way, comfortable and safe passenger transportation between important city centers and existing rail systems. The Eyüp-Bayrampaşa line is integrated with five important lines such as Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram, Vezneciler-Sultangazi Metro, Topkapı-Habibler Tram, Yenikapı-Aksaray-Airport Metro and Kazlıçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme Metro lines planned within the framework of the Urban Transportation Plan. it will play an important role in ensuring its integration to the city.

The planned rail system line will form the backbone of the public transportation system in the region

It will be one of the lines and it will be an important alternative for journeys with special vehicles. bir

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