BTS Warns “Gebze Halkalı Marmaray Line Is Not Ready For Opening! "

bts warns marmaray is not ready
BTS Warns "Gebze Halkalı Marmaray Line Is Not Ready For Opening! "

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) issued a press release today (5 March 2019 Tuesday) titled X Don't Make Marmaray No Elections! Birleşik.

United Transportation Workers Union Istanbul 1 No. Branch building and read by the President of the union Hasan Bektaş press statement as follows; "Istanbul Strait Tube crossing project with Japan in 1999 approved by the government for construction of the total 41.8 million Japanese Yen loan agreement signed between Turkey and February 15 2000 has also been published in the Official Gazette start the project. The tender of the Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project was made on 13 December 2001 and work started at 14 March 2002, and the preliminary tender of the construction was carried out at 25 July 2002. Marmaray Project - Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing project was laid on May 9. The 2004 km throat tube passage, which consists of 5 stations, was opened in October 13,6.

First Tender

The second stage of the Marmaray Project is “Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci-Halkalı AMD (Alstrom-Marubeni-Dogus) Consortium, which gave the lowest bid (2006 million 863 thousand 372 euros) in the first tender held in April 904 for the "Improvement of Suburban Lines" kazanIt was planned that the CR1 contract would start in 2006 and the work would be completed in 48 months, but AMD (Alstrom-Marubeni-Duş) Consortium terminated the contract on the grounds that “they could not continue the project under the current contract terms” and on 13 July 2010 the ICC filed for Arbitration.

Second Tender

Marmaray Project for the second time İkinci Gebze Halkalı CR1 Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL) SA-Dimetronic SA Joint Venture with a bid of 42 billion 3 million Euros for the tender named “Improvement of suburban lines and mechanical systems” kazanand the CR26 contract was signed on October 2011, 3.

Extension of time

In October, the OHL slowed down the business, citing the cost increase, and the OHL was able to perform only on the construction of the 2014 road from Gebze Pendik, except to remove the lines delivered to it. If the power to make the new payment to the project did not want to do it to OHL, Çelikler Holding wanted to make the job by paying him to pay the money as a result of the negotiations, the Ministry of Transportation 3 18 2016'da extension contract signed with the OHL and the delivery date 31 December 2018'e pulled, the project three contractors from ohl'y to Turkey, Galleon, was commissioned to make Kolin and Cengiz subcontracting contract.

31 December 2018 will be grown to date (e) The surface lines of the Marmaray Project will be opened for 31 March 2019 local elections before the test and certification process is completed. View Gebze's Full Profile Halkalı We consider it a duty to warn the UDH ministry, the General Directorate of TCDD and the organization of the certification, as the opening of the gap with the deficiencies mentioned below will result in irreparable accidents.

We have seen the consequences of the transportation policies implemented by 2002 since the current government took office.

17 Accelerated train crash in Pamukova, where 2004 died in July 41
* 11 in 2004 August 8 killed a person in the Tavşancıl train accident
* 28 Kutahya train muscle where 2008 died in 9 January
* 27 2009 5 died in the Republic Express accident
8 July 2018 on the 25 people died in Corlu train crash
* 13 December 2018 killed 9 in Ankara YHT train crash

As it is seen, the common point in all of these accidents where more than one passenger died, together with AKP government, is to exclude railway engineering and science for the election period of the institution and to implement the policies of unethical cadre, election and privatization policies.

We are warned that Marmaray is not ready yet !!!!

* The 76 March 1 test was started on 2019 March 10 for the purpose of obtaining certification for 2019 Km (except for the Excavation of Kazlıçeşme), and the opening date of the line was announced to the public as XNUMX March XNUMX.

* 2013 in the 13,6 line in the service when working with the machine workers have enough knowledge and experience, but the new 63 km line slope, platform, signal, scissor places do not have enough knowledge about the way they need to be subject to experience. In order to work in the total 76 km of the Marmaray project, 90 units taken from İş-Kur are assigned to the accidents by assigning them before the training and road experiences are fulfilled. Considering that the profession of the mechanic is a profession which must be done together with the professional technical knowledge and experience, it is foreseen that there will be serious problems.

* Each 6 table must have 7 train traffic control in the OCC control center. While the total number of 42 Train Traffic Controllers should be employed, this number has not been completed yet and other units of the staff named as Train Traffic Controller have been assigned.

* Since both Marmaray trains and mainline trains are expected to be operated on the same line, the signal visibility distance is too short for trains to be operated by ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) system and is insufficient for the braking distance specified by regulations.

* The communication based train control system of the CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), which is the operating system of Marmaray trains, is not yet fully operational.

  • OCC Command center display frequently and frequently lost train losses. In other words, trains running on the line do not appear on the Traffic Controller screen from time to time.

*Halkalı, There are no scissor motors in Gebze and some stations with automatic motor scissors.

As a result, before the completion of the tests and personnel trainings determined by the regulations, the technological deficiencies are eliminated, the authorities will be responsible for the political power, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the TCDD bureaucrats, as well as the certification body, for the opening of the line to railway traffic by providing the Marmaray qualification certification without addressing the problems we have expressed.

We request that the opening of 10 March 2019, which is announced by posters, for the safety of the employees.

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