Ticket game from tourism professionals in the Eastern Express!

The sleeper wagon tickets of the Eastern Express have been sold out as soon as they are available for sale. While those who want to go from Ankara to Kars for the weekend and come by train the next day cannot find tickets, tourism companies sell 'Karsrail' tour packages between 1200 lira and 2000 lira. Those who cannot find a ticket are reactive. On the other hand, the Ministry of Transport said, “Wagon rental is made to tour companies with an annual plan. But that is not the reason why tickets cannot be found, ”he says.

The Eastern Express, which runs the Ankara-Kars route of the State Railways, is a route of choice for those who want to make a different journey especially at the weekends in winter. Approximately 27 hours are preferred especially for sleepers. The passengers of the Eastern Express, who travel to Kars by train, return to Kars the next day after a night in Kars.

This journey, including the hotels and meals of those who would like to make a different journey with the Eastern Express, will not be worth the 400-500. However, the passengers who want to book a ticket for this Ankara-Kars train departing one month in advance receive a negative response. The wagons of this line are sold out as soon as they are sold.

Kars passengers who react to this situation on social media at the same time, various tour companies 'Karsta tour by train' ads, he noted. These advertisements are sold in package with Eastern Express and Kars tour heading.


Social media users claim that this line is given to tourism companies collectively without being sold. Naci Yavuz wanted to buy tickets from TCDD and told about his experiences:

Im I was planning to go to Kars by two railway stations, but I couldn't go because I couldn't find a ticket. I was absolutely determined this winter. I haven't been able to find a ticket in the sleeper, even though I've been looking a long time ago. I'm angry. Usually it would be empty these trains, what happened now no tickets? When I did some research, something interesting came up. Tourism agencies 'Karsrail' under the name of a new tour began to be sold. TCDD 30 sells tickets ahead of the day, but what is more, these agencies can sell a tour with tickets that are not even released after 3 months later. So tickets are guaranteed for them. Yani


The people in this subject in the Dictionary of Ekşi said they wanted to apply to TCDD with a petition. On Twitter, the esi Karsrail is ours tük protest against the exhaustion of Eastern Express tickets within thirty seconds on various hashtags. The petition prepared to be sent to TCDD is as follows:

X Evidence that a trip to a sleeper car with a standard rate of 100 lira has been made available to the citizen by the tourist agencies in return for very cold prices is attached. No matter what part of the train, the sale of it to tourism companies constitutes rent. It is a service defect that a public institution established for the benefit of the citizen and which has been established with the public interest, has prevented the transportation service provided by the state to the citizen by getting rid of the rant motive. In addition, as a result of my interviews with TCDD, I have confirmed that all Ankara-Kars train sleepers belonging to the months of January and February have been sold to tourism companies carrying rant motions even if they do not even appear in the system. T

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