Sea Plane With All Marmara Under Control

all marmara under control
all marmara under control

In accordance with the protocol signed with the Union of Municipalities of Marmara, sea control and control aircraft serving to all the Marmara Region provinces can be detected instantaneously. The seaplane observes the forest fires that may occur while reporting sea pollution to the headquarters instantly and provides control of the drinking water basins. The longer-range new aircraft contributes greatly to the inspection and control of the Gulf and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The seaplane in IZAYDAS's inspection fleet supervised the Marmara Sea, drinking water basins and possible forest fires not only in the Gulf of Izmit, but with the 162 hour flight in one year. The seaplane pilots, who were in contact with the fire brigade by taking the smoke they saw in the woods and observing them on the spot, finally found a smoke on the Karamürsel ridges at the weekend inspection and prevented the destruction of thousands of hectares of forest.

CESSNA 208 amphibian type aircraft in order to meet the need for docking and waiting on the sea at the entrance of a platform performed by IZAYDAS was brought to Kocaeli. Turkey in Europe is known as the sea and built on a single platform equipped. At the same time, 2 aircrafts can be parked and refueled.

The platform consists of 700 square meters on 600 square meters and 1300 square meters on the sea. It covers an area of ​​approximately 1600 square meters with the social space reserved for aircraft operating personnel. The airplane, which can take off from the sea, can also land and take off from Cengiz Topel Airport.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu who meticulously follows the works carried out by the four branches for the cleaning of the Gulf, said takip We attach great importance to the cleanliness of our seas. Our most valuable works are the services we make to the environment and beaches. We are applying serious sanctions to those who pollute our sea by providing airborne control control with our sea plane. The most beautiful heritage we will leave to the future will be the clean environment and the seas. Gel

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