İstanbul Bursa İzmir Motorway Project Exploded Housing

istanbul izmir motorway project information
istanbul izmir motorway project information

Istanbul Bursa Izmir Motorway project exploded housing advertisements: Gebze - Bursa - Izmir Motorway project, which will connect Istanbul and Izmir, exploded housing advertisements in the regions it will pass. Within the scope of the project, Gebze-Dilovası region, leaving the TEM Motorway Izmit Bay 'Izmit Bay Bridge will be reached by crossing Orhangazi. It will be possible to reach İzmir via Bursa and Balıkesir. The project led to an increase in housing advertisements especially in Izmit, Bursa and Izmir.

In the last year, ads for sale have increased significantly in these regions. The number of advertisements in Izmit increased by 27 percent compared to the previous year, 53 percent in Izmir and 93 percent in Bursa. 377 kilometer highway, 44 kilometer connection road, including the 421 kilometers of the project planned 30 viaduct, 4 will also have tunnels. The project also plans 209 bridges, 18 toll booths, 5 highway maintenance centers, service and parking areas. Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge, which is one of the most important crossing points of Gebze Orhangazi Izmir Motorway project, is planned to be completed this year.



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