KGM's 69. 500 Fidan Meets the Ground in Memory of the Establishment Year

seedlings of the year of the year
seedlings of the year of the year

General Directorate of Highways 69. A ceremony was held at the Akıncı Junction Overpass on Friday, Friday to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation. General Manager Abdulkadir URALOGLU, 1 pine saplings were planted in the organization attended by Assistant General Managers, Heads of Departments and Highway.

Speaking at the ceremony, General Manager URALOĞLU, the last 16 year planted with the number of trees planted with other agencies and 62 million 690 thousand 988 3,3 number of plants planted, while under the responsibility of highways emissions emissions XNUMX million tons of reduction in attention.

URALOGLU, who wishes that the seedlings planted with the unity of the people will be beneficial, thanked those who contributed and contributed to the event with the wish of expanding such studies nationwide. URALOĞLU, 69 celebrates the day of all the employees of the highway, wishing to carry the long-standing history of our Organization into the future and to inspire the üler Spirit of Railroad birleştir, which brings the roads, bridges, bridges and tunnels that carry the people all around the country in the annual process.

After planting the tree, the participants were invited to the event and a souvenir photo was taken.

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