Malıköy Train Station Affected by the Fate of Our Nation

Malikoy train station affected the fate of our nation
Malikoy train station affected the fate of our nation

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Malıköy, located on the Ankara - Eskişehir route, is a settlement center of Polatlı District. When the historical information and documents are examined, the railway station located here is a strategic station that has affected the fate of our nation in this region where the epic struggle of Sakarya Square Battle has passed.

Railways played an important role in the War of Independence between the years 1919-1922. With the museums located at three important points on the Ankara-Polatlı railway line, which plays a vital role in the triumph of this hardest struggle of our history, our children, young people who will entrust our country, the conditions under which our independence struggle will result in victory, will always remember how important the transportation is in the destiny of the countries.

Important cornerstones on the Ankara-Polatlı railway line:

1-The building that was constructed as a steering building for the railways in Ankara Station and used as a residence and command center by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during the National Struggle and by reorganizing TCDD with the name of Atatürk House and Railway Museum in the National Struggle. .

2-Malıköy Train Station Museum. Malıköy Station built in cooperation with the Turkish General Staff, the Ministry of Transport and the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways and 25 in June 2008.

3-Kartaltepe. 6 The Mehmetçik Monument opened on 2008 August and the “Sakarya Square War Panorama Museum”, which was also laid on the same day, is also known as the heart of Sakarya Square Battle. TCDD contributes to the establishment of the museum in this region and aims to ensure that the Sakarya Square Battle is conveyed to the next generation in the best possible way.

Malıköy Station, which is the most important top after the command center, was the place where the first intervention of the wounded soldiers was met and was used as the infirmary, military ammunition and logistics center and military airfield during the war.

The museum, the martyrdom memorial on behalf of 5 bin 713 martyrs, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's civilian clothing monument, 1897 dated German-made locomotive, repaired by TCDD and used by 1909 during the Sakarya Battle station building. Train and airplane sections are accompanied by aircraft and train sounds.

In the museum where the War of Independence is represented by sculptures and visual materials, railway materials used at that time are exhibited.

Address: Malıköy Train Station / Polatlı - ANKARA
Ankara-Eskisehir Highway 30. Km Malıköy From the capital OSB turn right 6km inside


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