The name of the YHT disaster was changed!

The name of the duragin has been changed
The name of the duragin has been changed

CHP Ankara Deputy Ali Haydar Hakverdi, 13 December 2018'da found the investigations of the train accident.

It was seen that the name of Marşandiz Station was changed to 'Motor Stop' in Ankara with the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) which made the flight between Ankara and Konya and the guide locomotive who had been killed by the guide locomotive.

Hakverdi, social networking site Twitter said in a statement, "the accident occurred" the name of the stop "Marşandiz" changed the name as "Motor". Instead of forgetting the accident to be taken to prevent the occurrence of new accidents and the real responsible ones should be judged alar he said.


13 9 84 XNUMX XTR (XNUMX) was killed by XHDX.

Under the investigation of the accident, the officer, the clerk and the controller were arrested on the grounds that they were defective. (One Day)


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