Drive, Park, Use Public Transport: Moovit, Microsoft and TomTom

sur park et mass transportation use moovit microsoft and tomtomdan a first
sur park et mass transportation use moovit microsoft and tomtomdan a first

Drive, Park, Use Public Transport: Moovit and TomTom Get Together with Microsoft to Introduce the World's First Really Comprehensive Multimodal Journey Planner

Today, some of the world's greatest urban mobility leaders have announced the world's first truly comprehensive multimodal travel planner, a solution that will help to develop richer applications that will make traveling in cities easier, reducing traffic congestion in cities. Leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and #1 public transport application from Moovit, location technology expert Tomtom and Microsoft Azure Maps, which identifies all driving, parking and public transport options, and for map users in a single package. they presented the unifying solution. This will be especially useful for those who don't know where to park their vehicles or who don't know which public transport line to use instead of going from suburbs to the city.

Co-founder and CEO of Moovit Nir Erez, TomTom Managing Director Anders Truelsen and President of Azure Maps, Chris Pendleton, in his opening speech at ExCel London's MOVE conference, explained this solution. Using Moovit's Transit APIs and TomTom's APIs, the solution supported by driving and parking information allows a commuter driver to park his vehicle in the nearest public transport station, reach the city center by public transport, and finally walk, share a car, offers options to complement your journey by scooter or bike. No other urban mobility solution offers real-time driving, parking and public transport information in a journey plan. Thanks to Microsoft's Azure Maps integration platform, Azure Maps integration, developers will be able to integrate multimodal travel planning into IoT, mobility, smart city and logistics solutions.

The new APIs come in addition to Microsoft and Moovit's transit API integration, announced last November.

Adı In the last few years, cities have experienced urban sprawl, which has often been pushed beyond the boundaries of public transport lines, towards the suburban areas of metropolitan residents,. Said Pendleton. Bisiklet While the workplaces are still in the city center in populated cities, a typical day trip is changing the way for many vehicles: it is multimodal; The number of decisions that the passenger has to make for the most comfortable journey is more than ever before - from choosing public transport to estimating the availability of parking - and this solution alleviates this burden on their back with full first and last km optimization. Un

. Moovit's mission is to simplify the urban mobility around the world and provide the best way for passengers to take public transport directions and other city mobility options,. Said Erez. Uk Last November, we partnered with Microsoft to integrate our public transport APIs with Azure to help developers build richer applications for billions of people. I couldn't be more pleased to see our relationship with Microsoft, together with TomTom's Routing API and the Traffic API, together with our public transport APIs, to create full-range mapping capabilities for developers in Azure Maps. Passengers will have the best options they need to plan a trip, such as public transport, car sharing, bike or scooter, including finding available parking spaces in real time.

Moovit's leadership in multimodal travel planning stems from the optimization of the city's travels for more than six years, using the services of more than 7.000 public transport companies worldwide. Every day, Moovit manages more than five million travel plans, and 88 produces more than one million 2.700 route options for 350 million users in more than 40 countries in the country. The company's multi-mode trip plan engine is based on static, statistical and real-time public transport data as well as real-time cycling, scooter and vehicle sharing data.

”Location data has become more important than ever, and no one knows this better than TomTom. Ital“ We've changed the way the maps were updated by inventing a unique mapping platform that can consistently deliver a current map, ital Truelsen said. ”Our location technologies support individuals, businesses and cities to be more sustainable and efficient and secure - creating a better world.“

Asıyla Combining TomTom's specific car and parking space data with Moovit's multi-modal travel planning offers Azure Maps an unprecedented field of urban mobility, yeri said Pendleton. ”No one else offered this comprehensive level of service in a single solution.“

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