Metro Istanbul Inc. Requested Rental Allowance From IMM

metro istanbul as ibbden rent discount wanted
metro istanbul as ibbden rent discount wanted

Metro Istanbul Inc., operating the rail systems in Istanbul, asked for a discount on the rent share of 15 for IMM. 1 on the T3, T4, T6 and M15 lines where the vehicles belonging to Metro İstanbul A.Ş. Isa Öztürk, a member of the CHP in the Law Commission, which explains the details of the decision, said: un Now we asked why they wanted a rent discount. We did not have any problems with the economic situation, but now we are experiencing economic difficulties. They are looking for a remedy not to raise. 'They said.

According to Özlem Güvemli's report from SÖZCÜ; All rail system, funicular and ropeway lines under the authority of IETT General Directorate were transferred to Metro İstanbul A.Ş, one of the IMM companies for 2011 year in 30. Within the scope of the transfer, it was decided to pay 20 of the passenger revenue, and 50 of the non-cruise revenue such as advertising and occupation to IMM.

In 2017, a parliamentary decision was taken and discounted. 15 of management revenue was decided to be paid to IMM. Metro A.Ş applied to IMM on 29 November 2018 and requested revision. The demand came up in the January session of the IBB Parliament. In the claim application, the ownership of the 1 vehicle operated by Bağcılar-Kabataş (T3), Kadıköy-Moda (T4), Topkapı-Masjid Selam (T181) tram lines and 6 vehicle operated by Levent-Boğaziçi University (M32) metro line, It is stated that it belongs to Metro İstanbul A.Ş.


In order to maintain sustainable business activities effectively and efficiently, 15 rental rate is applied on all lines. is saved. Metro Istanbul suggested that the 1 of the lines of the vehicles used for the ownership of its own vehicles should be paid as rent to IMM and the remaining rental rate should be kept as 3 on the other lines. In the evaluation made by the relevant commissions, the demand for the rent rate of 4 was increased to 6 and the rate of 3 in other lines was maintained. The decision was adopted by a majority vote in January.


According to the information given in the Commission, the rent payment of the same amount has been subject to criticism in the reports of the Court of Accounts. That's why they needed it. This report comes out a long time. We asked why they now want a rent discount. We did not have any problems with the economic situation, but now we are experiencing economic difficulties. They are looking for a remedy not to raise. ' The company's biggest expense is electricity. Increasing the energy cost due to electricity hikes, the IMM company asked for a rent reduction not to raise ticket prices before the election. Öztürk said that the advertising units, which are the main source of income of Metro A.Ş., will no longer be operated by the company as the Court of Accounts found it unlawful. Zu In the Commission, they said that this created a serious loss of income. Advertising income was equal to the reduction of rent was made, gelecek he said. Öztürk recently reminded that ISPARK also requested a rent discount, and stated that they decided to reject this decision since the companies did not operate efficiently.


According to information provided by Ozturk Metro Inc., 2018 110 million 438 thousand pounds rent rented. By reducing the rental rate of 15 to 3, Metro Inc. plans to pay 83 million liras in rent. According to the rate of 27, which is considered to be appropriate by the IMM, approximately 5 million pounds will be paid annually. (SPOKESMAN)

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