Turkey's Largest Skateboard Park Bostanlı

Bostanlı turkiyenin biggest skatepark
Bostanlı turkiyenin biggest skatepark

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality re-designing services offered by Bostanlı coast, "Turkey's largest skateboard park" and "Sea and Performing Space" is meant haunt of young people into the future. The entire 40 stage project, which cost about 2 million pounds, will be finished by the end of March.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has rolled its arms to renovate Bostanli coast with its 70 land area, has come to the end of the project consisting of 2.

The first part of the cak Fisherman's Shelter and Yasemin Cafe “, which opened its second section in front of Bostanlı Pazaryeri in May last May, will be completed by the end of March in the” giant skate park ğ. The first stage of Bostanli coastal arrangement project cost 9 million 703 thousand liras and 3 part 2 29 has cost 502 thousand XNUMX.

Turkey's biggest
In the last section of the Bostanlı coast, there are innovative applications that will increase the attractiveness of the region and bring together the citizens from each age group. In the project, skateboard, scooter and roller skates, such as skateboarders who use these skills to develop safely 4.250 m² "skate park" area is remarkable.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this project, prepared in accordance with international standards, skateboarding athletes formed as a result of communication and joint work. "The biggest skate park in Turkey" nature of the area to carry, that can also host international competitions.

Second bike path for children
The Metropolitan Municipality, which makes a rubber running path along this coast, will also connect the walking path to the Fisherman's Shelter and the Opera House Square to be built. The bicycle path in the area has been completely renovated to be parallel to the vehicle road. Thus, the traffic of the recreation area was avoided and the coastal use was made more secure. In addition, a second cycle path was made in the form of a “large ring. Where children could use it more easily and safely. Yasemin Cafe was reorganized and the seating area was expanded.

Within the framework of the project that has rebuilt the Bostanlı shores, a green fountain, a green amphitheater and a view terrace are continuing. Steel-wood and stretching membrane shades and wooden pedestrian roads were also completed in order to increase comfort in the area.

Across the area, there will be bicycles and wi Bisim wi parks, modern sculptures, wi-fi in the focus areas. The mobile buffet and automatic city toilets, which have started to be used, will spread to the area. Renewing stone fortifications along the coast, the Metropolitan Municipality has shaded and tree-lined wooden platforms and sun loungers, quiet rest areas and wetland vegetation areas where rainwater will be collected and evaluated.

The first part was put into service
Greater Municipality of Bostanlı 2. Without waiting for the whole stage project, the first part was completed last May. The first stage between the Bostanlı Fisherman's Shelter and Yasemin Cafe, which has become a stopover point for those who want to take the tiredness of the day while enjoying the unique bay view, has added attention with its functional and comfort oriented design. Karşıyaka Supporting the coastal usage culture on the coast, new generation playgrounds, basketball courts, mini football field, deck chairs and picnic areas were built. The seamless and unhindered circulation line along the coast for pedestrians and cyclists has also been completed.

Sea and Show venue created
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bostanli coastal arrangement 2. Stage 2. The part was also completed in September. In the face of the Bostanlı Marketplace, 20 has an area of ​​thousand m² and 315 m. formed a du Sea and Demonstration Square ”with a beach band length. The Metropolitan teams, which continue their work at full speed, designed a project for the citizens to establish a direct relationship with the sea as in the Bostanlı Sunset Terrace. There will also be an artificial green hill to be constructed with the top point 3.5 meter from the vehicle road, as well as practices in the field where concerts and similar shows can be arranged. The coastal strip between the fortification area and the walkway, using large natural rocks, was covered with pebbles of various sizes to create a natural beach experience for the user. Wooden platforms and reed pools were created to create a natural texture in the city. In addition, the and Demonstration Square ı, where the dry pool will be located, was constructed with a top cover separating the open-air cinema screen areas. A green car park with a capacity of 141 was also put into service.

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