Let the vehicle pass under the İZBAN line

Car pass under the İZBAN line: The oldest settlements of Karşıyaka, Şemikler is named after a Turkmen tribe named 'Şemik' who came from Mount Yunt and settled in the region. After the 1950s in the neighborhood, immigrants from the Balkans made the single-storey houses replaced by multi-storey buildings.
Şemikler is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Karşıyaka. century. The Turkmen tribe named lar Şemik i, who lives on the Yunt Mountain between Bergen and Menemen, has moved to the lands where the Elit Sitesi in the Zübeyde Hanım neighborhood are located in order to comfortably spend the winter months in the mountains. In the following years, they settled in the area of ​​Şemikler, also called Kara Bostanlısı.
It is rumored that the head of the iyor Şemik tribe ”was a person named Hüseyin and that the region was called u Hacı Hüseyinler süre for a long time. But then the name of the region in the years 1950'e begins to be called "Schemites". The neighborhood established by the nomadic Turkmens, along with citizens from Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Yugoslavia after the 1950 year. In 1959, the Municipality of Karşıyaka was enclosed. In the early years, the Semen, which consisted of agricultural land and gardens, was divided into four neighborhoods with increasing urbanization. Thus, Fikri Altay, Demirköprü, Yalı, the Republic gained the status of the neighborhood. The address of the old deeds in these neighborhoods is still referred to as Şemikler. In the last 20 year, Atakent and Mavişehir neighborhoods were formed in the region known as Şemikler. The single-storey houses built by immigrants from the Balkans have now been replaced by multi-storey buildings.
The veteran
Mehmet Kasap, who served as the headman for the 5 period in Şemikler, is among the families who migrated from Macedonia in 1957. Mehmet Kasap, who worked as a tailor in those years, also went into politics. 1977 12 1980 40 until the Democrat Party from the Democratic Party as a member of the Assembly of Izmir Municipality, played an important role in the development of Schemas. Kasap said that the urbanization of Şemikler did not progress well and said “26 was a field garden every year. Peanuts, tomatoes and strawberries were grown in the fields and even sent to Istanbul at that time. The population of Şemikler was around a thousand people at that time. The Şemikler, which is divided into neighborhoods with migrations, currently lives at 1984 thousand people. In the XNUMX there is a lack of regulation of the reconstruction settlement. Therefore, there are many problems in urban transformation today. No regular urbanization. Streets and social reinforcement areas are inadequate. Sokak
world champion
The Şemikler High School, named after the neighborhood, started education in 1966. Şemikler High School, which attracted attention with its success in sports, announced the world's name to the world as the second in the world in football in 1984-85 education year. In addition to winning the world championship high school many times winning the championship in Turkey, it was third in Turkey in football in 2005-2006 years. Finally, the girls volleyball team was fourth in Turkey.
Let the vehicle pass under the İZBAN line
Muhtar Kasap, who reminded that İZBAN will divide Şemikler into two according to the project in the period of Ahmet Piriştina during the period of the late Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, said: Unfortunately, the problems of the İZBAN line are still continuing. Our tradesmen want a vehicle gateway to meet our citizens. Elevators and escalators do not work in the upper passage. Üst

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