Ministry of Transportation issues 30 thousand TL for İzmir Metro

The ministry of transport has allocated 30 bin tl
The ministry of transport has allocated 30 bin tl

Ministry of Transport, resources will flow to Ankara and Istanbul subways. 2019 will send 3.2 billion to Istanbul subway and 1 to Ankara in 30. Izmir XNUMX thousand pounds were divided.

It was revealed that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure did not even send pennies for the subways in Izmir. The Ministry, so far 9 billion pounds of money spent in Istanbul and Ankara metra this year will send more resources 4.3 billion pounds. Izmir, only 30 thousand pounds were divided.

SPOKESMANAccording to the news of Erdogan SUZER, the AKP, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed its own resources to the subway construction of the subway construction of the Ministry of Transport has taken the structure of the Ministry of Transportation, so that the municipality was saved from a large financial thrust, the whole load was put on the budget of the country. After Ankara, the burden of large metro constructions in Istanbul was shifted from the municipality to the budget. Later, some of the small transportation projects in Erzurum, Antalya, Konya and Izmir were covered, but almost all of the money was transferred to the metros in Ankara and Istanbul.


According to the investment program of 2019 year, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has to do with its own resources to the metro construction, so far from the budget 6 billion 573 467 thousand pounds of money was spent. 7 billion 874 million pounds of 1 billion 61 will be spent in this subway construction.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has to do with its own resources to the metro so far to the country budget 2 billion 461 million pounds spent.

This year, the full year of the 3 billion 259 thousand pounds will be spent in Istanbul subways and thus the total amount will reach 521 billion 5 million pounds.


3.2 billion pounds allocated to Istanbul 2 billion 776 million pounds will be used for Istanbul Airport rail system connections. In this context, 2 billion 275 million liras in the construction of Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport metro Halkalı- Istanbul Airport metro construction will be spent 460 million pounds.

The remaining 41 million pounds will go to consultancy services. 13.9 billion 1 million liras has been spent for airport rail systems, which is expected to cost 954 billion liras.

Ministry investment but not transferred

Although the AKP promised big investments in the election period, despite the fact that the country is the third largest city after Istanbul and Ankara, it didn't get the penny from the budget. Even though the Halkapınar-Otogar rail system connection of İzmir's 2.3 billion liras has been included in the investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, no money has been sent to the project to date. The budget of this year, only for the project 2.3 billion pounds 30 thousand pounds were allocated.


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