THY Science Expo 2019

The main theme of thy science expo 2019da industry 4 0
The main theme of thy science expo 2019da industry 4 0

The world's No., Turkish Airlines, Turkey's largest science festival at the Science Expo 2019 start the application process for the project competition. The main theme of the event is 'Industry 4.0'. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, "Science Expo is important for the growth of individuals who dominate today's technology," he said.

The preparations for the Bursa Science Festival, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Science and Technology Center and shown as one of the world's most scientific activities, continue at full speed. 2 will be held in TUYAP Fairground between 5-2019 May 8 which is the main sponsorship of Turkish Airlines this year. The main concept of the project competition at THY Science Expo was designated as ana industry 4.0 TH.

Take the invention out

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in schools in Turkey with the support of all the institutions and the call was made in the projects of the university competition. Child Inventors, Young Inventors, Master Inventors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drone, Autodesk 3B Design Engineering and Middle School Model Glider categories will be held in total in the 111 thousand pounds prize money project competition began to be received. 'Middle School Model Glider' is added to this year's contest category as opposed to the previous years, while 7, the finalist in the competition to be held in different categories, will be exhibited during the Science Expo.

Final application 12 April 2019

The finalized projects will be evaluated by the expert jury. Project Competition Applications 12 will be available until April 2019. In the project competition, all projects that will be finalized in the categories of children, young and skillful inventors will also receive the 500 lira honorable mention award. Mayor Alinur Aktas, '8. THY Science Expo Science Festival, Bursa is one of the important brand activities, he said. This year's event will bring together science enthusiasts from around the world today, 'Turkey's largest science festival' become emphasized.

”Bursa will be remembered by science“

8, which evolves every year and its content becomes richer. Providing information about the THY Science Expo Science Festival, President Aktaş said, ın In addition to the project competitions, we are also trying to bring science to the streets and to attract the attention of children and young people to the science. We are aiming for 120 bin workshop in 100 pieces workshop area this year at THY Science Expo, which includes more workshops every year. In addition to the workshops, science shows will add color to the festival, Bursa will be remembered by science m.

”Domestic and national technology“

Mayor Aktaş said, iş Bursa now needs more qualified industry and jobs. THY Science Expo Bursa Science Festival, workshops and project competitions with high added value to give an idea of ​​domestic and national technology, equipped with knowledge and skills, today's technology is important for the growth of individuals who dominate the words '' he said.

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