Single Geological Engineer on the 240 Km Banaz-Manisa High Speed ​​Line!

240 is the only geological engineer in the rapid train line
240 is the only geological engineer in the rapid train line

He commissioned a single geological engineer between Banaz-Manisa and 240 km at Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Line. President of the Chamber of Geological Engineers Alan warned against a new catastrophe by saying: erek It is impossible for a single engineer to perform the necessary checks and inspections. Je

United Transport Workers Union (BTS), Izmir-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, Rail Manufacturing Department of Banaz-Manisa announced that a single geological engineer.

Hüseyin Alan, the Chamber of Geological Engineers, spoke to Burcu Cansu from Birgün newspaper. Alan, Çorlu and Ankara reminding the YHT catastrophe. Even if he detects problems, he cannot find time to produce solutions. To reduce the number of engineers with high profit ambition is to risk people's lives according to the eye düşür warned of a possible catastrophe. The area drew attention to the importance of the geological survey on the YHT line passing through the area where the fault lines are dense.

The area, underlining the need to take into account the geological characteristics of the ground, değerlendirme No projects should be implemented which are not based on geological-geotechnical investigations and engineering evaluation reports in the areas where there are culverts, tunnels, underpasses, overpasses and bridges. Alan


BTS Ankara Branch Chairman Ismail Ozdemir Ankara-Izmir YHT line project, Banaz-Eşme, Eşme-Salihli and Salihli-Manisa between the three major companies in the consortium in the company between the three 3 billion 411 million pounds was reminded that tender.

Özdemir pointed out that Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project is on the 1.derece earthquake zone and West Anatolian fault zone especially Uşak-İzmir section and even the supervision of the construction works is conducted through the firms providing consultancy services through the control engineers. Özdemir stated that only in the Banaz-Eşme section of these three stages, consultancy services were procured.

Kontrol It is supervised by the control supervisor, the supervisor and the two control engineers in the Banaz-Eşme and Eşme-Salihli stages of approximately 174 km. When the consultancy service is taken only in 80 km section and the length of the line and the number of engineers are evaluated, it is seen that the controls cannot be made healthy. Bu

Özdemir pointed out that the common feature of the control organization of all three stages is that the control supervisor, the supervisor and the control engineer are made up of the same persons, and the BTS member 2 engineer, who is working in the scope of the project, has been dismissed.

BTS, writing to the General Directorate of State Railways, görev Reorganization of the control organization, reassignment of the control mechanism, dismissal of the group manager and control supervisor Ö.Y and the control chief Ü.A, strengthening the control mechanism for the stages where no consultancy service is taken Etti forwarded their demands.

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