Investment in Istanbul New Airport from UPS

air operations in Turkey, which when completed will be the largest airport in the world, announced that it would expand the wings to the new airport. The new facility, UPS's Cologne, customers in Europe via Turkey transcontinental air hub in Germany to combine effectively with the rest of the world. The new facility is planned to be four times larger than UPS's facility at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and will be opened before the end of 2018.

UPS Chairman Daniel Carrera Eastern Europe, "UPS's export volume last year increased by more than xnumx't% in Europe and has an important contribution to the growth of our business in Turkey. Cross-border trade is projected to grow faster than predicted global GDP in the foreseeable future. As a result, economies are becoming more interactive and more dependent on foreign trade, and they need more reliable global networks. Sonuç "With this new investment company in Turkey can gain access to UPS's global logistics network and can use the smart advantage of export opportunities to grow."

The new facility is part of UPS's $ 2 billion European investment program, aimed at modernizing and increasing the UPS network across the continent. Recently UPS; He invested in Paris - France, London, - the UK and Eindhoven - the Netherlands. Turkey ups to better connect Europe's advanced network; The rest of Europe offers attractive access to new markets in Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Indian Peninsula, the Middle East and Africa.

UPS Country Manager for Turkey Burak Kilic found the following statement: "Turkey's economy is recording very strong growth and has a large potential to increase exports for businesses of all sizes in Turkey. This new structure is a clear indication of our commitment to provide our customers with the support they need while expanding their business with the latest improvements to the 20 facility in the country and our domestic express network. K

HDI Airport Operations Director General and Chief Executive Officer found in Kadri Samsunluş statement: "Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, the whole of Northern and Eastern Europe only has a flight range of five hours. Turkey's geographical location offers a strategic advantage for logistics. The plans of global transport giants such as UPS and others to operate in Istanbul are proof of this. Our goal is to increase our cargo and load carrying capacity by taking advantage of our strategic position and the latest technology to reduce the transit times. Istanbul will be both a transport center and a cargo and freight transport center. İstanbul

This new facility is part of an ongoing transformation strategy to prioritize resources and drive investments for the major strategic advantage of UPS and its long-term shareholder return. At the beginning of 2017, the company announced the plans to upgrade to the intelligent global logistics network by increasing efficiency and capacity through the use of state-of-the-art technology, information technology and automation.

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