Traffic Problem Will Be Abandoned from Bursa's Agenda at 2019

Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they provided relief in the rate of 25 in the traffic with the horizon touches they made at the intersection and connection points in Bursa, and they planned to attract this percentage to 40 until November. .

Mayor Alinur Aktaş hosted Arif Tak, President of the Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers (BESOB) and Hasan Topçu, the Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Automobiles of the Chamber of Tradesmen.


Stating that he is happy with the visit of both presidents, President Aktaş emphasized that Bursa is a city which is characterized by its growing structure, export figures and history and touristic values. 'Everyone has values ​​to add to Bursa,' said President Aktas, said:

“We live together in Bursa. We use the street and the street together. For this reason, we have our duties. The biggest problem in Bursa is traffic and transportation related issues. The only parameter of this work is that it is not intersections, bridges, strips that you would appreciate. Anyone using the street, the street, the road is the side of this business. If everyone fulfills his duty and responsibility, then there will be no shortage of traffic in Bursa anymore Herkes.


Alinur Aktas, who stated that they will implement the ine Urgent Action Plan ın they prepared with the takeover of the mission, thus they will provide relief in the rate of 40 in the traffic. With the projects to be completed, the people living in Bursa after the 25 stressed that people will not have a problem with traffic Alinur Aktaş said, 'There are many more things to do in Bursa. There is a lot to be done in the name of the real identity of our city. We have important projects for 2019 year and after. We didn't have any accounts, except to make this big structure more functional. God willing, with all the 'dynamics' in Bursa, we will carry our city together for more beautiful tomorrows. İn


BESOB President Arif Tak stated that President Alinur Aktaş carried his beautiful works in İnegöl to Bursa and said eg Bursa had an unfortunate time in terms of transportation. Improvements at the intersections have brought significant relief to traffic, Şimdi he said.

Emphasizing that they are constantly in the traffic, they are working more efficiently in recent times, Bursa Drivers and Automobile Tradesmen Chamber President Hasan Topçu said, içinde Cost and time are important for us. We work more efficiently if there is no traffic. I thank you on behalf of the tradesman I represent because of the works you have done et.

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