Special Flights from SAMULAŞ for Exams

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. 21-22 put additional services in order to make sure that the candidates who will take the Vertical Transfer Exam and Public Personnel Selection Exam to be held in July will benefit from the smooth and safe means of public transportation.


Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin wished success to the candidates who will sweat in the Vertical Transfer Exam and Public Personnel Selection Exam held on July 21-22. Mayor Şahin said, “Keeping the morale and motivation high as well as preparing for the exam is an important factor on the road to success. I sincerely wish all candidates who take the exam in order to have a future opportunity as he wishes. All preparations were completed and measures were taken in the works carried out by Samulaş, who provides urban transportation services on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality. Candidates who will take the exam will reach the exam places safely and smoothly. ”


According to the statement made by Samulaş, the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will be implemented on the Rail System line, which provides service in the Samulaş Operational and on the weekday hours instead of the weekend hours used in the Ring and Express vehicles.

In the planning made by SAMULAŞ Operation Control Center, 21 will start in 22: 06 for July Vertical Transfer Exam and 00 July Sunday Public Personnel Selection Exam. During the test entry and exit times, Saturday Light Rail vehicles will serve 7 minutes instead of 5 minutes, and on Sunday, 10 will serve at 5 minutes instead of minutes.

In addition, on Saturday and Sunday, the vehicle will be added to the Ring and Ekspres flights and the candidates will be provided with safe and trouble-free access to the exam centers without any hitches.

SAMULAŞ officials, in general in the examination of the transportation problems in the exams of candidates not to be a victim of public transportation vehicles to go and those who will go to the private vehicle instead of the test especially in areas where the participation of high-traffic vehicles in the region warned not to cause disruption of traffic.

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