Today in History: 1 July 1911 Anatolia-Baghdad Railway

Today in History
July 1 1873 Ruse-Varna railway Baron Hirsch loan from the European Turkey Railways Company.
1 July 1911 Bulgurlu-Ulukışla (38km) line was opened on the Anatolian-Baghdad Railway.
1 July 1917 In the Maan area, the 7 wire was cut, two bridges were blown up, and the 7 telegraph pole was destroyed.
1 July 1930 Bolkuş-Filyos line is opened.
1 July 1934 The branch line of Fevzipaşa-Diyarbakır line at Yolçatı station reached Elazığ. 344 of Fevzipaşa-Diyarbakır railway. 24 km line from Yolçatı station at km / h 11 was commissioned in August 1934.
1 July 1937 Toprakkale-Payas and Fevzipaşa-Meydanıekbase line were nationalized and opened for operation.
1 July 1943 Batman-Beşiri line (33 km) is in operation
1 July 1946 Elazığ-Palu line (70 km) opened.
July 1 2006 Turkey also confirmed that, "the Convention on International Railway Transport" (COTIF) entered into force.
1 July 2008 Train is Freedom / Hürriyet We are in the opening ceremony for the right train.
1 July 2016 Osmangazi Bridge was completed and the bridge was opened.

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