ASTİ, Ramadan Feast Ready

With the closure of the schools, security considerations were raised to the top level at the Ankara Intercity Terminal Facility (ASTİ) where both the summer holiday and the passenger density increased before the Ramadan Feast.

While the daily passenger capacity in AŞTİ reaches XnUMX thousand, the Capital Transportation and Natural Gas Services Project Contracting Industry and Trade Inc. affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. (BUGSAŞ), which provides service to citizens in a relaxed and peaceful journey, the inspections were increased.


Every point 77 active, 113 is fixed with a total of 190 security camera surveillance actively monitored in suspicious situations ASTİ'da security officials are ready for immediate response. The security personnel connected to BUGSAŞ do not fly with x-ray devices or top search.

The personnel who travel with electric patrol bikes called “Ginger iş are also working throughout the day in AŞTİ where intensive security measures are taken against terrorism and public order.


In addition to the security officer working in AŞTİ, the security forces also provide reinforcement support on special days.

Metropolitan Municipality of Municipal Police teams undergoes separate inspections, all inputs and exits are kept under strict control. General Manager of BUGSAŞ Mehmet Alyüz shared the results of the inspections and inspections in the first 6 of the year while giving the information that the passengers were checked through the individual x-ray devices.

Ay As of January; 23 pieces seized cigarette and alcohol, 21 pieces cutter and piercing tool. In the first 6 month of the year, the 74 thief was caught and handed over to the security officers. Intervention and assault of 3 intervention in the security of ASTI, did not allow the barkers.


28 has an area of ​​1,000 square meters where human circulation is intense, and cleaning work carried out by 200 personnel has been accelerated before Eid al-Fitr.

Doing the cleaning of the bottom corner Metropolitan teams at the same time by doing spraying, provide hygiene.


BU We have made progress on this issue, where all our citizens are uncomfortable. There is no gateway to the residents in AŞTİ. AŞ Especially during holiday periods to warn the citizens to be aware of theft announcements that they have made a warning Alice, due to increased security measures from time to time experienced expecting understanding of citizens in the accumulation, he said. . We reduced the control point to two in order to reduce the intensity. However, sometimes peaks may occur during peak hours. Citizens let us be pleasant because they are all for their peace, safety and comfortable travel. Vat


Mehmet Alagöz, who emphasized that the security measures taken are extremely suitable, said, yerinde For me, the priority is to ensure security. This is not uncomfortable but can be satisfied. Everyone needs to show some patience. Ir

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