EGO Buses Under Follow-Up with Camera System

EGO Buses Under the Camera System: EGO buses serving in the capital public transport, camera and vehicle tracking system (gps), both passengers and drivers are provided to travel in a safe environment

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO provides the transportation of passengers and vehicle drivers in a safe environment by means of a camera and vehicle tracking system (GPS) placed in buses providing transportation services in the city.

Equipped with all of the bus fleet in the body of the vehicle camera and GPS system, the General Directorate of EGO, the possible harassment in the vehicle, theft, the detection of many judicial incidents such as fighting, and the solution of the problem in a short time through the camera images.

The images recorded by the camera, which can be easily seen in every aspect of the bus, are transmitted to the er Fleet-Route Tracking and Management Center-on-line.

The system is continuously monitored during the time the buses are in motion. When the records are archived, the cameras provide safe access to all points of the city.


EGO officials stated that the incidents related to the complaint were detected in a more healthy way thanks to the camera system put into the vehicle, and said:

Olduğun Recent social events have revealed how important this is actually. Camera and tracking systems are used in order to provide better service to the passengers traveling with the vehicles in the General Directorate of EGO; harassment, theft, crime, complaints, etc. Data related to the cases recorded by the camera are transmitted to the police and judicial institutions and data is shared. Kamera

Authorities, 153 (Blue Table) and other communication paths by using the EGO'e complaints and requests by the concerned to the evaluation of the great convenience has been provided by providing public transport services, Private Public Buses (OHO) and private public transport to the camera system is also required to bring more they emphasized that passenger satisfaction and safety have been increased by providing service and control opportunities in the area. Authorized, ilgili The images taken by the cameras can be seen instantaneously and they are forwarded to the relevant institutions on demand. The system is used to evaluate the complaints received from the system as well as to evaluate the complaints received, sistemi they said.

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