End of Bridge Construction at Cemetery Junction

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality works on transportation and continues with road and bridge extensions. Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to relieve the heavy traffic flow; It wants to minimize the traffic density in the Silk Road by expanding the bridge at the Cemetery Junction (on the Silk Road).

Within the scope of the traffic relief project; The reconstruction of the bridge in the lower and superstructure works on the road of the Cemetery Junction, (D İp 400 / İpekyolu), has come to an end. Expansion efforts are planned to be completed in July and put into service with a new identity.

Authorities indicated that the cemetery junction bridge will expand a total of 35 meters, including 70 meters on both sides, and the traffic flow on the bridge will be relieved.

With its industrial dynamics and revitalizing tourism potential, Gaziantep is a rapidly growing city with a growing number of people. D u 400 / İpekyolu is an important transportation corridor located both in the city center and in the city center.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the project prepared by the Cemetery Junction, is done with the support of highways.

Intersection passes through the city road and intercity crossings that will remove the volume capacity on the Silk Road transportation axis and become safer for both pedestrians and vehicles. With the increasing number of vehicles, the capacity is increased by expanding the inadequate junction. Signal waiting times will be reduced to make traffic more fluid.

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