Free Access to KPSS Exam

Stating that Turkey's high quality and the need to work with government officials Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said that young people should not trust Turkey. President Aktas, KPSS day of the exam will be given free transportation support could be announced.

Metropolitan Municipality, Union Foundation Bursa Branch, Youth Union Bursa Branch and Pegem Academy jointly organized the 'KPSS Training Camp' program, Merinos Ataturk Congress Culture Center (Merinos AKKM) began. Mayor Alinur Aktas participated in the program, told young people about their experiences and educational life. Alinur said that he never thought of becoming a civil servant, he had achieved his goal by completing the education with the dream of becoming a financial consultant. Aktas President also stated that the issue be only officials, Turkey and expressed the need to rely on the man himself. After entering the account officer assigned as the people's immediate return to his hometown to find the correct emphasized that President Aktas, "Turkey's high quality and seriously needs to work with the government officials. I hope you'll be one of them. We are ready to do whatever we have to do. By taking the necessary decisions, we can provide all means of transportation free of charge to the KPSS. I would like to thank the Union Foundation and the Pegem Academy for organizing the program. They fulfilled the needs of the culture of the foundation in the best way. Vak

Turkey's rapidly growing and young people are absolutely trust the country Alinur President stated that Aktas, on a visit to Sudan in almost every home, he said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saw the flag and posters. Africa's largest hospital, the ingenuity of Turkey's TIKA, Aktas President reminded that built their vocational training campus, "we have to trust our country. Everybody ends up in college. We need to know that studying university is not a move to settle for work. The average age of our country is very young. We have to make ourselves ready. Never end your target. Turkey and came to trust you. Moral and high motivation in every case, Mor he said.

Union Foundation Bursa Branch Manager Mustafa Bayraktar expressed his pleasure for the interest in the program. Bayraktar Union providing information about the Foundation's work, they tried to create the foundation culture in Turkey, also said they struggled to make a contribution to people in Bursa. Bayraktar, the city's prominent names and companies, bringing together the youth of the university, to transfer the experience and reminded me that they are intermediaries.

Founder of Bursa Pegem Academy Murat Soyer reminded that 3 will be given free trainings throughout the camp for the day. Exam prepared on behalf of the Foundation and Greater Union Soyer voicing expectations from the Municipality, the National Kıraathaneleri 7 / 24 said they expect to open the way will be open soon.

After the speeches, President Alinur Aktas, Bayraktar and Soyer gave gifts to the trainers in memory of the day.

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