Mersin Smart Stops Protect from Cold and Cold

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality offers modern, air-conditioned smart stops to protect the residents of Mersin from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The first one will be opened to the service of the citizens of the air-conditioned smart stops placed at the Yaşat İş Hanı stop.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, continues to modernize the public transport stops throughout the city. Developing technology, projects and services efficiently using the Metropolitan Municipality, the new project began the installation of air-conditioned smart stops.

This stop technology stop

In Mersin, where temperatures reached 40 degrees in summer, air-conditioned stall project was launched to protect the citizens from heat while waiting for public transportation. In the following days, stops will be placed at various points throughout the city will be a refreshing service for citizens.

Air-conditioned smart stops with its features such as camera, air conditioning, library, wireless internet, corporate television, uninterrupted energy and technological stops will produce its own energy.

The air-conditioned stall that will produce its energy from the solar panels on it has a system that provides coolness during the summer months, and protects the citizens from the outside environment and provides heat energy in winter. In addition, the station will be found at the bus stop waiting for the citizens to read a book, will provide a good time.

16,8 / 7 will be on record at 24 square footage with security camera and citizens will be able to get free Wi-Fi service. Citizens will be able to learn the bus times and the estimated arrival times of the buses with the corporate television set at the stops.

The first one is the smart station, which is placed at the Yaşat İş Hani station and the improvement works for the cooling system are going on, after the completion of the technical infrastructure.

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