RayHaber 02.05.2018 Tender Bulletin

YHT and conventional line will be made to be made MD Line between the mine-rafts stations Km: 423 + 148-423 ′ 261 + in the No. 1 Tunnel treatment of the landslide with the Bored Piling of landslide the work will be done Building Strengthening and Repair Works will be done [more…]

Intercity Railways

Target on the Railway Network 31 Bin Km

The government will prioritize space work in the new era. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, "we will spend up to 2035 space shuttle project to life," she said Transportation and communication in the era of 15 years, Turkey to circumvent the government will give priority to work in the new space era. [more…]

Commuter Trains

Turkey Ages jumped in Transportation

AK Party governments in the last 16 annually 474.3 billion liras has revolutionized transportation with investment. With the mega projects such as Istanbul New Airport, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, this leap will continue to grow. Since the AK Party came to power in 2002 [more…]


Today in History: 2 May 1900 II.Abdulhamid Hicaz

In History Today 2 May ordered 1900 II.Abdulhamid to start the construction of the Hejaz Railway. Sultan Abdulhamid; ”Avn-ü inet of the Mother of God and the Prophet (s) of the Prophet (s)) im he said to the construction of the Hatt-ı Kisadur in accordance with the imdad-ı spiritual-yesine.“ The Hejaz Railway [more…]